Questions related to the self-financing of young entrepreneurs mentioned between FOGEC and FNJEC


Kinshasa, December 05th, 2021 (CPA). – The Director General of the Entrepreneurship Guarantee Fund in Congo (FOGEC), Laurent Munzemba, and the national coordinator of the National Federation of Young Entrepreneurs of Congo (FNJEC), Erick Makuala spoke at the end of week, questions related to the self-financing of young entrepreneurs in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the CPA learned on Monday from the services of these structures. According to the source, the director general of FOGEC reminded the national coordinator of FNJEC, the missions assigned to his public establishment, namely, to mobilize and collect financial resources at the national and international level in order to guarantee the access of young innovative companies. in the sector of new technologies (startups), micro, small, medium entrepreneurs for the financing of their projects by commercial banks and microfinance institutions. The FNJEC, he added, also makes the necessary funds available to private agencies and organizations for the benefit of entrepreneurs. Mr. Laurent Munzemba revealed that Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which have Congolese promoters will benefit from market shares within the framework of subcontracting and will obtain substantial financing for the benefit of their projects through FOGEC. For his part, the national coordinator of FNJEC expressed the need to simplify the coverage and support mechanisms with a specific quota for youth businesses, also to promote the vision of SMEs, in the face of the difficulties encountered by young people. Congolese entrepreneurs in terms of access to financing from banks and other partners. He added that FNJEC is now a driving force behind the promotion of young entrepreneurs and innovators. The two officials, it was reported, recognized the importance of financial inclusion in the development of young entrepreneurs which allows them to achieve the expected and satisfied results. The FOGEC was created in 2020 with the objective of supporting the actions of young entrepreneurs in difficulty to flourish due to lack of access to self-financing, it is recalled.