The Minister in charge of Industry encourages the initiative of the economic operator organizing the 5th edition of the Concrete Expo


Kinshasa, December 05th, 2021 (CPA) – The Minister of Industry, Julien Paluku Kahongya, encouraged at the end of the week, the initiative of the economic operator Jean Bamanisa Saïdi, organizer of the 5th edition of the Concrete Expo, indicated on Monday to the ‘CPA services of the Ministry of Industry. According to the source, the ministers Julien Paluku and Jean Lucien Busa were Guest of this 5th edition on behalf of the development fair for cities in particular, Kinshasa horizon 2050. During this activity, the Minister of Industry insisted on the sense of planning by focusing on the Industrialization Master Plan of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the impact of the last DRC-Africa business forum on the development of a regional chain of batteries and electric vehicles, which provides for the development from the DRC. He later observed that, « The DRC had 14 million inhabitants in 1960, today it has 100 million. It is the same for the city of Kinshasa today which has 14 million inhabitants like the DRC in 1960. If we do not put in place planning tools, as is the case today by relocating part of the city towards Maluku, in 2081, Kinshasa alone will have 100 million inhabitants”? To prepare for the future of the DRC, Julien Paluku has indicated the will of the government, which is putting in place the planning tools to know how these 100 million Kinshasa residents will circulate in this city, where will they be treated, where are they going. they inhabit and how will they feed themselves. Also invited to this forum, the Minister of Foreign Trade, Jean-Lucien Bussa, meanwhile made a presentation on the protectionism of local industries with the advent of the African Continental Free Trade Area (ZLECAF). “We are the place where we talk about the building of the future. But there is a foundation, the construction industry. Today we have cement factories and the iron bar industry. I have come to show the government’s support for all those industries that produce these products that contribute to the construction of the building, to the construction of the city of today and tomorrow, « said the Minister in charge of Foreign Trade.