The remains of the legal representative of the Assemblies of the Church (AE) community buried in N’sele


Kinshasa, December 5th, 2021 (CPA). – The remains of the legal representative of the Christian community of the Assemblies of the Church (AE) and writer Dr. Patrice Fumumba Nkie, were buried on Saturday, in a family cemetery, in the commune of N’sele, after a funeral ceremony organized in his memory, at the Sainte-Thérése field, in the commune of N’djili, in the presence of religious and political figures, cultural operators as well as his biological family. In his preaching, the speaker of the occasion, the apostle Tambu Lukoki exhorted the faithful Christians to put their lives in order with God, to cultivate love, unity and above all to prepare daily for the meeting of their Creator. Present at this funeral, the legal representative of the ministry, the power of the name of Jesus, the evangelist Jean Oscar Kiziamina Kibila, for his part, witnessed the spiritual journey of the deceased who, according to him, was a true architect of the unity of the Church as the body of Christ and the expansion of its gospel, through its messages generally centered on « maturity ». « Dr. Fumumba was more than a Baobab tree and his death is a great one for the Body of Christ Church, for he initiated many servants into the work of evangelism, » said Senator Mwafwa Bopali Frédérick. In addition, the representative of the writers of Congo Symphor Ngoy paid tribute to his colleague, affirming that the latter has rendered loyal services to the nation through his pen and his works which continue to contribute to the evolution of science and of Literature. In turn, one of the deceased’s sons, Patrice Fumumba, spoke of the intrinsic values ​​of their late father, who, as a rigorous, creative, attentive and open man, invested himself in forging their education.

Several renowned artist-musicians performed during this ceremony including Matou Samuel, the Kunda Systers and sister Eunice Manyanga. The late Dr Patrice Fumumba was born on September 8th, 1961 in Kinshasa and died on November 12th in Instanbul, Turkey. He was a visionary of the Church Assemblies community. Among his literary output are « The maturity of the politician and his people », « the unspoken », « the word made flesh », « The trilogy of destiny » etc.