Young Christians of the United Methodist Church called to engage in political life


Lubumbashi, December 5th, 2021 (CPA)  .- The young Christians of the United Methodist Church, were recently called during a conference moderated respectively by Liliane Kayembe, provincial deputy and Jehtro Muyombi, national coordinator of the Collective Vision for the development of the Congo ( VCDC), to engage in political life. This conference was placed under the theme: « the Christian’s place in politics », by the administration of young people for Christ (JPC), in the conference hall of the United Methodist Church, episcopal district of South Congo , in the French-speaking Jerusalem parish of Lubumbashi. For, Kayembe, young Christians must have the courage to get involved in political parties, a necessary path to participate in the management of public affairs. According to Jehtro Muyombi, the participation of young Christians in the management of the country will introduce Christian values ​​in the way of conducting state affairs.  » Young ! Keep your position, don’t leave politics to the pagans, ”he insisted.