Restitution of works of art: customary authorities ready to collaborate with the African diaspora


Kinshasa, December 7th, 2021 (CPA).– The coordinator of the Pan-African Council of Traditional and Customary Authorities (CPATC), His Majesty Mwana Punda announced to the press on Monday the availability of traditional and customary authorities to work, in collaboration with the government of African diaspora, on the restitution of works of art from Africa.

He said so, following discussions with the Prime Minister of the State of the African Diaspora, Georges Tin, at Hotel Beatrice in Kinshasa.

For the participants, it was a question of having a cooperation agreement for the restitution of works of art from DRC brought to Belgium during the colonial period.

This agreement was launched 3 years ago at the African Union summit with the aim of strengthening Africa through the diaspora, and the diaspora through Africa.

85% of Africa’s cultural treasure outside the continent

« So we have a constitution, a government, a parliament, a diplomatic corps, royal chambers headed by a chief, who is also chief of the chiefs of Zimbabwe, while attaching great importance to royalty », said Georges Tin.

Regarding the restitution, he recalled that « 85% of the cultural treasure of Africa, are outside Africa, they were torn from the African kingdoms, and are today in the Louvre museum in Paris, in Tervuren, in Brussels, Switzerland, Italy, the Vatican and the United States.

These treasures must return home, it is an issue of culture, justice and economy, he added, stressing that these works also serve tourism, spirituality, an issue of individual sovereignty and collective.

His Majesty Mwana Punda, expressed satisfaction with the visit of the Prime Minister of the Diaspora Government, indicating that the DRC is ready for the reconquest of its works of art carried away during colonization.