The Minister in charge of Culture and General Director of ICOMOS agree on the formation of the inventory of Congolese cultural heritage


Kinshasa, December 9th, 2021 (CPA) – The Minister in charge of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Catherine Kathungu Furaha, received, on Wednesday, in her office in Gombe, Ms. Theresa Patricio, General Director of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), came to announce the materialization of the training project of the inventory of the natural, cultural, material and intangible heritage of Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ms. Kathungu welcomed the determination of the president of this international non-governmental organization which works for the conservation of monuments and cultural heritage sites around the world, with which discussions were initiated last July, at the occasion of G20 summit on culture in Rome. Convinced of the relevance and urgency of the project, the Minister in charge of Culture assured her host, the firm commitment of DRC to put this question of world topicality on the table of debates to accelerate the process of implementation of the project he inventory of heritage on which its management, conservation and preservation depends, before specifying that DRC is hastening to improve its legal framework regulating the cultural sector.

On this occasion, Mrs. Teresa Patricio announced that her association is ready to launch a series of theoretical and practical trainings in favor of thirty Congolese bidders in the offer announcing the holding of these forums. She added that the formation of the inventory of Congolese cultural heritage will be held in Kinshasa and in Kongo Central province over a period of three weeks.

For the establishment of a national ICOMOS committee in DRC

In addition, the two personalities agreed to consider the establishment in the coming days of a national committee of ICOMOS in Kinshasa in order to help and guide the Congolese rulers in their efforts to inventory their heritage. They also considered setting up a national structure responsible for taking an inventory of all Congolese cultural heritage, once the training is completed. In addition, they agreed on the pooling of energies to extend the list of partners to support the sustainability of the project on the inventory, by opening a door for Congolese professionals to go and strengthen their capacities in European universities specializing in the field of cultural heritage. ICOMOS is made up of its National Committees, to which individuals and institutions apply to join. At the last census carried out in December 2018, this structure had more than 10,500 members in 151 countries, it is reported.