« Summit for Democracy »: President Felix Tshisekedi welcomes the progress made by DRC


Kinshasa, December 09th, 2021 (CPA).- President Felix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo and current president of the African Union, welcomed the progress of Congolese democracy in his presentation, during the « Summit for democracy, the fight against corruption and the protection of human rights”, organized from Washington, on Thursday by videoconference, at the initiative of the American President, Joe Biden.

The Congolese President, who is among the 111 leaders of the countries of the world invited to participate in these meetings scheduled from December 9th to 10th, cited, among these efforts made by DRC, the strengthening of democracy through, in particular, the release of political prisoners, the return to the country of political exiles, freedom of expression, the fight against impunity and the very first peaceful transfer of power.

The Head of State also mentioned, we note, the strengthening of mechanisms for the protection of human rights and the media, the role played by the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) and the Agency for the prevention and the fight against corruption and money laundering, in particular in the mining sector.

A summit for sharing experiences

For his part, President Biden, in his address to participants from the White House, before opening the debates, noted that he did not initiate this meeting as a « lesson giver », but rather « in the aim to strengthen democracy in the world, protect the media and human rights as well as share experiences ”.

This summit, attended by several heads of state and government, leaders of international organizations and civil society, is a promise made by Joe Biden, during his electoral campaign, to organize a great meeting of its kind, with the aim of to face threats to democratic values.

Also, this summit which, according to the White House, is intended to reveal the fight between democracies and autocratic regimes, will take place around three themes, namely the defense against authoritarianism, the fight against corruption and the promotion of rights of man, democracy is currently facing « important and worrying challenges ».

Some powers, including Russia and China, are not on the list of countries invited to this summit, it is pointed out.