The Councilors of the Republic revisit PNSD for the creation of wealth in DRC


Kinshasa, December 09th, 2021 (CPA).- Vice-Minister in charge of Planning Crispin Mbadu, on behalf of the Government, called on the Republic’s advisers to produce a roadmap with targeted priority projects, for the creation of wealth in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

He made this appeal on Wednesday in Kinshasa, during a workshop to formulate an opinion on the acceleration of the impacts of the National Strategic Development Program (PNSD).

Organized by the Economic and Social Council with the technical and financial support of the African Development Bank (ADB), the work of this workshop aims to produce opinions on the operationalization of the pillars that create wealth in order to guide efforts and investments in sectors that are levers of inclusive growth that can significantly and rapidly reduce poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

To this end, Deputy Minister in charge of Planning Crispin Mbadu reviewed the history and objectives of this Program, recalling that PNSD was adopted in 2019 at the end of the political alternation, disrupted in March 2020 by the occurrence of the covid-19 pandemic. It is within this framework that the government had drawn up an Emergency Multisectoral Program to Mitigate the Impacts of Covid-19 (PMUAIC), thus revising downwards its initial ambitions defined in the National Strategic Development Program (PNSD).

Crispin Mbadu acknowledged that the resumption of economic activity in the world portends good prospects at the international, regional and national levels and so far gives hope to the Congolese government for the return to the trajectory of the development path.

Taking into account the challenges of the hour and the vision of the Head of State, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, consisting in overcoming poverty in DRC, Crispin Mbadu, urged the councilors of the Republic to capitalize the work of re-visitation of PNSD initiated by the Ministry of Planning in its operational part for the review of PMUAIC and other finalization studies.

The President of the Economic and Social Council, Jean-Pierre Kiwakana, for his part, welcomed the holding of this workshop which allows the advisers of the Republic to formulate concrete proposals on PNSD that they will submit to the government, with a view to putting end to an infernal cycle of discontinuous and ineffective planning of the programs developed in DRC.

The goal sought by the Economic and Social Council is to lift the mortgage of the poverty which weighs on more than 70% of the population, by unwinding somewhat, the Congolese paradox of being one of the richest countries in the world with one of the poorest people on the planet, Kiwakana said.

These meetings were attended by the Special Advisor to the Head of State, in the fight against poverty which, based on the Presidential Accelerated Poverty Alleviation Program (PPA-LCP), launched in 2020 by the Head of State Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo for improving the social situation of the Congolese, expressed the wish to see the PNSD be revisited by adapting to the realities of the country.