EUFKIN-Kilimani: Aigle Royal leader in the division I classification


Kinshasa, December 10th, 2021 (CPA).- The CS Aigle Royal occupies the leadership of the division I championship of the Kinshasa Urban Football Agreement (EUFKIN) -Kilimani with 29 points in 16 outings, indicates the ranking of the executive secretariat of this upstart sports entity Thursday at the CPA. He is followed by AS Fohunk 28 points in as many games. The classification at the end of the 16th day is established as follows: Aigle Royal 29 points, Fohunk 28 pts, Holario 26 pts, Aigles Verts 24 pts, Les Elites and Kintambo City 23 points, Mazi Sport and Kora 22 points, Bilima 20 pts, Ruvana and Trinite 19 points, Britan, Telema and Espoir du Congo 15 points, Bana Kin 11 pts, Océan Bleu and Concorde 9 points, Espoir 4 pts, Olympic de Matonge 2 points.

Fohunk welcomes Britan on Saturday in Division I

AS Fohunk, 2nd in the standings with 28 points in 16 outings, will host Britan SC, 12th with 15 points in as many matches, on Saturday at the field of the General Provincial Reference Hospital in Kinshasa, as part of the 17th day of the EUFKIN-Kilimani Division I Championship. For its part, Aigle Royal, leader in the standings with 29 points, will meet KN Océan Bleu, 17th with 9 points in 16 outings. At Ocal pitch in Lingwala, AS Espoir, 19th in the table with 4 points, will play SM Telema Barumbu, 13th in the table with 15 points. Olympic de Matonge, red lantern with 2 points for 16 matches delivered, will play FC Ruvana, 10th with 19 points, in 16 matches. The other matches of the 17th day are as follows: Adjutant Kangala field, in Bandalungwa: 1:30 pm ’Bilima-Mazi Sport, 3:30 pm’ Kora-Concorde; Gombe Technical School grounds: 1:30 p.m. at Holario-Les Anges, Aigles Verts-Kintambo City; field Plantations Sunrise in the Congo: 1:30 p.m. ’Bana Kin-Trinite, 3:30 p.m.’ Les Elites-Espoir du Congo.

Bobby-Djogo and Socodam-Business Sunday in division II

Bobby FCA-FC Djogo and FC Socodam-Business CF are on the schedule for Matchday 16 of the EUFKIN-Kilimani Division II Championship on Sunday at Ocal pitch in Lingwala. The rest of the match program includes the following matches: ex ONATRA field, in the municipality of Limete: 8:30 am JOBC-Indigo, 10:45 am Eliot-CK Sport; field of the Kinshasa General Provincial Reference Hospital: 8.45 am KBG Stars-Pro Sport, 10.45 am LSK Sport-EF Maison; Gombe Technical School grounds: 10:45 am ’Malines-Diallo Sport, 1:30 pm’ Goewa-Sans Malanda; Adjutant Kananga field of the municipality of Bandalungwa: 8:30 am Mani Saint-Amalia, 10:45 am Saint Raphaël-Nathan Sport.

Eliot defeated Business (1-0) in Division II

TP Eliot defeated Business CK Sport 1-0 on Thursday at Ecole technique de la Gombe in Matchday 15 of the EUFKIN-Kilimani Division II Championship. Paul Mukulu (24th) allowed Eliot to open the scoring in a sluggish game characterized by a downturn in Business. As a second explanation, CK Sport and Mechelen held their own by leaving each other on the parity score (2-2), thanks to the achievements of Nseka (5th) and Landu (8th), for CK Sport, Tutu (65th) and Meso (90th), for Mechelen. At Adjutant Kangala field in Bandalungwa, FC Nathan Sport lost to JOBC by 0-1 and FC Indigo defeated Mani Saint by the same score of 1-0. Hereafter the other results of the same day: Ocal field, in the municipality of Lingwala: Amali-KBG Stars 1-3, Sans Malanda-Saint Raphaël 1-3; field of the Kinshasa General Provincial Reference Hospital: EF Maison-Goewa 0-1, Diallo Sport-LSK Sport 0-1, Djogo-Socodam 0-2, Pro Sport-Bobby 1-1.

El Hali at the top of the division III / A classification

El Hali leads the EUFKIN-Kilimani Group A Division III Championship standings with 22 points from 8 outings. He is closely followed by FC Patronage with 17 points, for the same number of matches delivered. The classification at the end of the 8th day is as follows: El Hali 22 points, Patronage and Belle Vue 17 points, HHA 16 pts, Comet 14 pts, Or Champion, Makis Sport 12 pts, Prova, Tregim, Kipa Sport and Royal King’s 11 points, Martelie and System 10 points, Oriont and Kin United 9 points, Avisec 8 pts, AS KA 7 pts, New Vainqueur and Les Etoiles de Kutu 4 points, Youth 3 points.