Haut-Uélé: the draft 2022 budget edict deemed admissible at the Provincial Assembly


Isiro, December 10th, 2021 (CPA).- The draft budget edict of the province of Haut-Uélé for the financial year 2022, was deemed admissible in the Provincial Assembly, during a plenary session which took place held last Thursday in Isiro, provincial capital. During this plenary, the governor of Haut-Uélé, Christophe Baseane Nangaa, responded to the concerns of provincial deputies raised during the previous plenary session which was convened for the presentation of the budget edict bearing the 2022 budget, set at l order of CDF 210 344 107 906, 95, by the head of the provincial executive. .

He reassured elected officials that these different concerns were taken into account in order to improve the daily lives of his fellow citizens. Regarding the threat posed by the presence of Mbororo breeders on local populations, Christophe Baseane Nangaa stressed that all the specialized services are active daily to ensure the safety of populations and their property. Regarding urban road servicing works, the provincial authority has indicated that civil engineering machinery is in operation in the capitals of Wamba and Niangara, after Isiro and Watsa, before Dungu, Faradje and Rungu which are already in programming, without forgetting the asphalting project for the Isiro-Matari-Magambe airport axis, the preliminary works of which are in progress (widening of the roadway, construction of gutters and laying of pipes) members of the provincial government and the General Directorate of Provincial Revenue, Christophe Baseane Nangaa argued that work « is being done so that, as soon as possible, everyone is restored to their rights ». CAPSA subdivision, the provincial governor recalled that everything has been done and that it remains only for the owners of the plots to develop them. In his presentation, Christophe Baseane Nangaa also addressed the issue of the rehabilitation of central Africa in Niangara territory from 2022 as well as the construction of the building of plenary rooms and offices for the Provincial Assembly. the governor recalled its economic and social impact for the province once the hydroelectric dam has been built on this colony of rapids and falls of the Nepoko River. One of the subjects addressed by the head of the provincial executive of Haut-Uélé, is the management of the coronavirus pandemic and the Foped fund, which is done in a rational manner. After debate and deliberation, the draft budget edict has been received and paid to the Economic and Financial Commission of the Provincial Assembly, which will have to work with experts from the provincial government in order to allow the provincial governor to promulgate the edict for its execution next January, so that Haut-Uélé can continue its development momentum. This draft budget edict is estimated at CDF 210 344 107 906, 95 representing an increase rate of 24.46% compared to the budget for fiscal year 2021 amounted to 169 008 179 425 Congolese Francs.