The Jean Ngelia Abusa Foundation intensifies charitable actions for the population of Niangara


Isiro, December 10th, 2021 (CPA). – The Jean Ngelia Abusa Foundation «  FONA  » is currently intensifying charitable actions for the population of Niangara from Haut-Uélé to mark the end of the year 2021. This structure, it has been pointed out, has just intensified its global charitable actions in favor of different social layers of the population of Niangara. The executive secretary of «  FONA  », Mr. Noé, who met last Thursday with the CPA, noted several achievements, in particular the aid of the FONA to the students of the university of CEPROMAD / Niangara, by allocating a significant envelope which enabled needy students to end the current academic year on a high note, coupled with material support. FONA intends to continue and accelerate the public works underway under its funding throughout the territory of Niangara, namely, the Katakape primary school in Tapili, the construction of the Ganga institute, the Mangeka health center, the EP and the Kpele Institute, EP. Batsakpide as well as the repair work of the Babagu institute in the same territory, said the provincial executive secretary of FONA. In the same vein, Mr. Noé announced the inauguration next Sunday of the public latrines of the central market of Ligunza, built in sustainable materials with the «  FONA  » own funds, a work which will be handed over to the administration. said market at the end of the works. During this interview, the executive secretary of the Jean Ngelia Abusa foundation revealed that for more reconciliation and the discovery of the deep aspirations of the population of the Niangara territory, the FONA is also planning the organization in the near future, of a conference in Niangara before thanking the local press which supports the activities of this structure in the region.