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The population of Ituri called upon to support the FARDC for the success of the state of siege

Bunia, December 10th, 2021 (CPA).- The first vice-president of the defense committee of the National Assembly, Jacques Ndjoli, considered necessary the support of the elements of the FARDC by the population of Ituri, in an army-nation symbiosis, for achieve the ultimate goal of the state of siege, which is the restoration of peace. He said this on Thursday, on the sidelines of the signing ceremony of the military agreement between the Minister of National Defense, Gilbert Kabanda, and his Ugandan colleague, Vincent Bamalangashi. “Ituri and North Kivu are the granaries of the DRC. On their soil and subsoil, there are resources which must be used for the development of the country! This war also has the dimension of the illegal exploitation of resources. There should be a global economic plan to recondition the entire system and reallocate it to our entire economy,”he said. « Because the wealth of Ituri must not be used, » he added, « for armed bands or foreign groups to buy weapons, import incomprehensible ideologies and kill the Iturians. » This land is there to make us happy and not to witness an extreme militarization with massacres even of displaced people! « . The national deputy Ndjoli pointed out that the string pullers take advantage of the diversity of Ituri, to exploit the pseudo-land conflicts and identities which are multiple, to get hold of the wealth of this young province, to the detriment of his daughters and sons.

Appeal for the support of the FARDC / UPDF coalition

Regarding the FARDC / UPDF coalition, the national deputy Jacques Ndjoli requested the support of the population, explaining that the DRC and Uganda have only one common enemy: the ADF which, according to him, terrorizes the population. He explained that the pooling of forces from the DRC and those of Uganda is a strategy to prevent the borders between these two neighboring countries from becoming skimmers through which these terrorists pass, before declaring that from now on the firepower will be increased tenfold. for the enforcement of peace.

Armed groups invited to surrender before time

For his part, the national MP from North Kivu, Christophe Mbindule, invited the local armed groups, in particular CODECO and FPIC to lay down their arms, to avoid being overwhelmed by the firepower of the joint DRC / UPDF force. . “Me, I come from Beni, I saw the firepower of this coalition in the forest of Ruwenzori. I do not see an armed group that will resist this firepower. I ask these armed groups to surrender and stop killing their Congolese brothers, ”he said. The deputy said he was outraged by the mapping of the atrocities of these negative forces which was presented to him by the civil society of Ituri, with material and human damage of great magnitude. “Those who will resist will be struck down. Those who claim to have fetishes to resist this firepower that I have seen in Ruwenzori, I do not believe that they can resist in front of this coalition.

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