ISKSA Kenge Academic Convocation


Kenge, December 13th, 2021 (CPA) – The Kimbangwist Higher Institute of Applied Sciences of Kenge (ISKSA-K), convened on Saturday in Kenge, the academic convocation by granting 18 graduate diplomas to the laureates of all options combined to mark the end of the 2020-2021 academic year.

Taking the floor, the representative of the provincial authority, Mr. Ignace Inkalaba encouraged the management committee of ISKSA to have fought against all odds for the landing of the academic year in style, before d ‘urge new graduates to carry the banner of this institution high.

In his speech for the occasion, the Director General of ISKSA-Kenge, Dr. Dieumerci Pepo Mananga, indicated that his institution obtained positive results during its first years of existence, the teachings were well assured with conscience and attendance and exams were organized as quickly as possible without any incident. He entrusted the new graduates with the mission of defending the institution that shaped them and striving to be products useful to the Congolese nation in general and to the province of Kwango in particular throughout their lives.

In his future prospects, the Director General of ISKSA-Kenge, Dr. Pepo Mananga, has promised to activate the procedures for the support of his staff by the Congolese State, to complete the construction of buildings under construction, to build residential houses for teachers, homes for students as well as a didactic room for practices, a laboratory for the computer option as well as a health center for nursing students , before seeking the involvement of the authorities for the successful outcome of these projects.

For his part, the academic secretary general, the head of works Jacques Mutyanga, specified that they had started the 2020-2021 academic year with a staff of 220 students, before deploring the loss of 30 of them and specifying the  » finished with 190 of which 14 finished in the first session.

Despite the difficulties experienced by ISKSA-Kenge, the academic secretary general called on the politico-administrative authorities of Kwango to invest somehow for the radiant influence of this alma mater, before thanking those responsible.

Of the Kimbangwist Church present at the ceremony among which the national coordinator of the administration of the Kimbangwist schools and the provincial representative of this church in Kwango for having thought of creating this alma mater in this city. CPA- Son Mbangi Pascaline Musinga. ACP