President of the Republic Felix Tshisekedi urges the Government to improve the social conditions of the population

Le Président Félix Tshisekedi devant les deux chambres du Parlement réunies en Congrès

Kinshasa, December 13th, 2021 (CPA) – The President of the Republic Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo urged the Government to improve the social conditions of the population by the implementation of projects with rapid and visible impacts, in his speech on the State of the Nation, which he pronounced on Monday, before the National Assembly and the Senate meeting in Congress.

« I am aware that the social situation of our compatriots is not good. Many households struggle to make ends meet and do not have access to basic social services such as water, electricity, health care, transport. Certainly, during 2021 year, the Government has taken a series of measures in favor of the population, but these remain insufficient”, he said, before asking the Government to accelerate the implementation of projects with rapid and visible impacts.

In fact, he said, in the water and electricity and health sectors, to name but a few, most of the projects in progress suffer from a lack of coordination and poor piloting.

For example, 240 MW Busanga power plants in Lualaba and 32 MW Mwadingusha power plants in Haut Katanga are completely completed but still not in operation. The City of Kisangani remained in the dark for 4 months when this inconvenience could have been avoided with better management of Tshopo power station.

Regarding the drinking water supply to Kinshasa city, the factories of Lemba Imbu with a capacity of 35,000 cubic meters per day, as well as of Binza Ozone with a capacity of 110,000 cubic meters per day, know delays detrimental to the population.

« These dysfunctions are unacceptable », he insisted, before calling on all stakeholders to resolve the problems without delay and to deliver these works to improve the living conditions of the population.

The Head of State also said he was determined to do more, for a successful outcome of all the deep reforms undertaken, in particular in the sectors of Justice, Education and Health, with a view to a better alignment of our economy with the required performance standards.

« Our concerns remain fundamentally those of providing answers to the permanent problems linked to the daily life of our People, with a view to consolidating the Social Contract which binds them to us, their representatives, called to defend their interests and achieve their happiness », he maintained.

Speaking of justice, he reaffirmed his commitment to pursue « courageous » reforms, including those relating to structures and the quality of their leaders, according to the principle of the right man in the right place. . The President of the Republic indicated, moreover, that the rule of law, independent justice, the fight against corruption and impunity constituted his leitmotif in his actions on the aspect of political governance.

Also, he made it a point of honor to improve the efficiency of the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF), whose action was aimed at the creation of the Agency for the prevention and fight against corruption, meeting this imperative.

Regarding the business climate, the President of the Republic has indicated that the mobilization of the investments we need to create wealth and develop our country requires a good business climate; this implies, he says, that we are constantly imagining mechanisms that can provide the conditions for doing business.

The Congolese people encouraged to support CENI in the electoral process

President Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo urged the Congolese people to « democratically » support the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) and to get involved in the electoral process.

« I therefore launch a solemn appeal to all our People to democratically support the Independent National Electoral Commission and to become actively involved in the electoral process. I remind you that this one has already started with the designation of its new leaders, after consultation of the Religious Confessions and validation by the National Assembly”, he said before drawing everyone’s attention to the preparations for the meetings forthcoming elections and to reiterate its determination to organize free, transparent and constitutional elections.

While recalling that this has already started with the appointment of its new leaders, after consultation with the Religious Confessions and validation by the National Assembly, the Head of State invited the political actors who are still dragging their feet, to quickly mobilize their respective representatives within this Office, as well as the Government to mobilize and make available the substantial financial resources to allow CENI to meet the deadlines for organizing these elections, so that they are actually held in 2023.

To do this, he added, it is also important that the Parliament proceeds « diligently » to vote on the laws still pending, for a successful outcome of the next electoral cycle.

President Felix Tshisekedi reaffirms his commitment to restore peace on the national territory

In the same address, President Felix Tshisekedi also reaffirmed his commitment to restore peace and security on the national territory.

« In my capacity as guarantor of territorial integrity, this is the place to solemnly renew my constitutional commitment by reaffirming that I will spare no effort to restore peace and security on the national territory », he said.

For the Head of State, the state of siege he decreed last March, in accordance with article 85 of the Constitution, aims to mobilize all the multifaceted means available to the Republic to definitively put an end to the violence in the provinces of Nord Kivu and Ituri which has annihilated all development efforts for a quarter of a century.

« In fact, since the establishment of this state of siege, I have personally ensured that our armed defense and security forces have all the necessary means to carry out operations on the ground », he said, before expressing his satisfaction for the progressive advances of the armed forces which have succeeded in moving the lines and retaking the territories formerly occupied by the enemies.

« Several elements of the armed groups have been neutralized and surrendered to our armed forces », he further underlined before criticizing the demobilization campaign led by some compatriots.

On this occasion, he praised the rise of FARDC and the bravery of our soldiers who, despite all demobilizing frustrations, continue to give the best of themselves for the integrity and sovereignty of our country.

In order to restore social peace in regions plagued by insecurity, he said, he initiated the program in place responsible for disarmament, demobilization as well as community recovery and stabilization to encourage compatriots who are in armed groups to lay down their arms and return to community life.

He also took this opportunity to salute the contribution of the United Nations which, through MONUSCO, supports DRC in its desire to pacify and stabilize the eastern part of the National territory, before instructing the government of the Republic to put in implementation of restorative mechanisms, in particular that of transitional justice for the benefit of victims.

Regarding certain forces, such as ADF, which also operate in Uganda, the two countries have agreed to pool their efforts against their common enemies.

Regarding these joint operations carried out since November 30 by the armies of two countries on Congolese territory against ADF, he said that Parliament was duly informed of the entry of these foreign troops on Congolese soil.

In this regard, he has also promised to personally ensure that the presence of these troops on Congolese soil is limited in time, before denouncing what he calls a « campaign of denigration » which would be launched against them. DRC armed forces and call for unity behind the army.

The national elected invited to amend certain legal texts winning the management of provincial institutions

The Head of State urged the deputies to consider amending certain legal texts relating to the management of provincial institutions.

While recognizing the harmony in the relations between different Institutions at the national level, he however deplored the instability which characterized Provincial Assemblies and Governments.

Indeed, the conflicts between these provincial institutions were exacerbated during this year, to the point of fundamentally jeopardizing the development of the provinces concerned, he pointed out, specifying that 14 Provinces out of 26 experienced the dismissal of their Governors by the Provincial Assemblies. Following these same conflicts, certain presidents of the Provincial Assemblies were also dismissed from their functions.

 The next session of the Governors’ Conference, he announced, will be an opportunity to reflect on possible solutions to this thorny problem, before inviting the provincial deputies and the governors to observe their prerogatives, strictly respect for the laws of the Republic, by refraining from any act that could block the proper functioning of the Provinces.

He thus called on the Senate, as an emanation of the Provincial Assemblies, to continue this role of mediator and adviser to their leaders, so that harmony reigns within our Provinces.

The DRC’s mandate at AU at the service of the African peoples

Regarding DRC’s mandate as the rotating presidency of the African Union, the Head of State said that he devoted his mandate to the service of the African peoples, in accordance with the theme of 2021, namely: « Arts, culture and heritage, lever to build a new Africa”, the arts and Africa being the expression of the creativity of our peoples.

For the Head of State, the Presidency of the African Union was also an opportunity for DRC to regain its place in international forums.

Indeed, for decades there had been no national policy to position our many experts within International Organizations, which was incomprehensible.

« So I decided to change this state of affairs and I am happy to announce that during this year, a compatriot was elected president of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, and another member of the United Nations International Law Commission. In addition, a Congolese woman has been appointed to the post of Director of Human Resources of the African Union Commission.

The Head of State also spoke about relations with neighboring countries in the region, the COP 26 and IMF.

« During the year 2021, our international cooperation also made significant progress with our various Partners in America, Asia and Oceania. The repercussions of the revitalization of our diplomacy are no longer to be demonstrated, as evidenced by several Projects, Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding that our country has just concluded ”, he said: adding:“ At the regional level, our energies have been deployed to maintain a good neighborly policy with our nine neighbors. Thus, we have intensified bilateral contacts with, in particular, Burundi, Uganda and Rwanda « . ACP /