The Ministry in charge of Economy reassures the good conservation of the first batch of horse mackerel fish


Kinshasa, December 14th, 2021 (CPA) -The Ministry in charge of National Economy reassured the Congolese people of the good conservation of the first batch of 1,130 tons of horse mackerel already arrived in Matadi in Kongo Central province out of a quota of 27,300 tons recently imported into the Republic Namibia, said a statement from the said ministry received on Monday at CPA.

These products are stored in good conditions, before distribution is carried out in the places of trade for sale to semi-wholesalers. However, voices are already rising in the camps of those who do not like to see the Congolese people eat their fill, reporting the decomposition of these horse mackerel fish.

These same detractors forget that this importation of frozen fish follows the refusal of importers operating in DRC to apply the fair price agreed with the Ministry in charge of Economy, in defiance of the same people whom they call not to consume them.

To this end, the Ministry in charge of National Economy wishes to dispel false rumors conveyed by these ill-intentioned persons who propagate false noises, while said fish are not yet in the commercial circuit through the various trading centers and in cold rooms. He also specifies that large quantities of frozen products should arrive in order to flood the Kinshasa market, particularly with these consumer products before the end of the year 2021 holidays. ACP/