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Prime Minister Sama Lukonde instructs the prompt payment of arrears of staff bonuses in the COVID-19 response

Kinshasa, December 15th, 2021 (CPA) – Prime Minister Sama Lukonde gave instructions for the rapid and gradual payment of arrears of staff bonuses in the COVID-19 response, during the meeting of the Economic Convenience Committee he chaired, on Wednesday, in his office, in Gombe municipality.

“This meeting addressed several issues. This concerns in particular the question relating to the 4th wave of COVID-19, already present in DRC. The Prime Minister has given instructions for the arrears of bonuses for response personnel to be gradually absorbed”, declared his spokesperson, the Minister of State in charge of Planning, Christian Mwando Nsimba at the end of this meeting.

Sama Lukonde also asked to verify the regularity of the issuance of PCR certificates which are issued after the tests and instructed the Minister in charge of Finance to seek to understand, with regard to COVID fees, the destination of the funds paid.

The Minister of State added that the members of the conjuncture committee also addressed, in the same framework, the question relating to the situation of our compatriots stranded in Addis Ababa, for whom the Prime Minister asked to examine the possibility of bringing them assistance.

Economic issues

In addition, the committee looked at purely economic questions, in particular the recent visit of the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, indicated Christian Mwando Nsimba.

“We also talked about the working visit of IMF DG, after which she congratulated the good performance of public finances in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Prime Minister urged the finance committee to continue with the stability pact”, he said.

According to the Minister of State, this good performance was confirmed by the exchange rate which remains stable at 1999 FC for 1 US dollar at the official, and FC 2037 for one US dollar, at the same time, adding that the rate of Inflation also remains under control at 4.9%, whereas it was at the same period last year at 15%.

The Prime Minister urged the committee to continue this momentum, said the Minister of State in charge of Planning.

The retrocession to the provinces and the end-of-year package for state agents and officials were also on the agenda of the meeting of the economic conjuncture committee, concluded Christian Mwando Nsimba.

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