Executives and agents of DGRAD and of the plate service sensitized to fiscal citizenship


Kinshasa, December 21st, 2021 (CPA).– The General Director of the General Directorate of Administrative Revenue, Land Judicial and Participations (DGRAD), Jean Parfait Ntabala Murhandikiri, on Monday raised the awareness of the officers and executives of this department to fiscal civility and those of the services plates, responsible management of public funds and to contribute in a remarkable way to the impetus of a growth of State revenues in general.

He invited these officers and executives during the fiscal citizenship awareness campaign that spans a five-day period. Awareness, he said, is a means of informing, educating in order to establish, among citizens, a tax culture which should lead to an increased mobilization of state revenues. According to him, tax compliance measures the perceptions and attitudes of taxpayers towards payment and helps stem tax evasion, he said.

Mr. Jean Parfait Ntabala, for this purpose, called the participants to the visibility of DGRA and the knowledge of the texts which govern it, specifying that they are still and always a necessity. He also invited them to attend and get involved in its sessions so that they will once again become immersed in various procedures that contribute to the supervision of non-tax revenues.

Ms. Emilie Tshilumba Kapinga director at DGRAD said that tax compliance is the voluntary fulfillment by taxpayers of their tax obligations. This results in the completion of tax returns, their filing on time as well as the spontaneous payment of the tax due.

She called on each officer and executive to respect their duties and to fulfill the task entrusted to them in discipline and in order.