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« Tshilejelu » project: The site of Assossa Avenue completed at 75%, extending the municipalities of Ngiri-Ngiri and Selembao

Kinshasa, December 21st, 2021 (CPA).– The construction works of a modern road on Assossa Avenue, at the extension of the municipalities of Ngiri-Ngriri, Bumbu and Selembao have reached a level of execution of 75%, affirmed, on Monday, at CPA, Mr. Laurent Kande, one of the agents of CREC7 Company, in charge of this project.

He said that a large part of this 3,700 km long structure has already benefited, for several weeks, from the tar layer that precedes the asphalt laying stage, adding that only some 100 meters are still to be found at the stage of the foundation layer, also awaiting the flow of the tar layer, at the level of the Ngiri-Ngiri municipal house.

Given its importance in this part of the capital, blocked by the lack of a secondary road, the site officials have resolved to open it to road traffic while waiting for the asphalting phase itself, he said, without specifying the exact period for handing over this work, the work of which began in April of the current year.

He nonetheless deplored the fact that some uncivil residents are already starting to throw rubbish into the sewage works, in defiance of the unfortunate consequences that this may have in the future on the roadway and its surroundings.

Begun in July 2021, this project is part of the government project in the field of infrastructure called « Tshilejelu », with the objective of creating the extension of avenue Assossa, from avenue Ngiri- Ngiri, in the municipality of the same name up to Manifeste Avenue, at the level of the Sanatorium Hospital, in the municipality of Selembao, passing its intersection with Landu Avenue, it is reported.

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