Kinshasa daily newspaper described in the novel « Trip to the land of my dreams » by Tony Mandi


Kinshasa, December 23rd, 2021 (CPA) – The Congolese writer, Tony Mandi, confided on Thursday during an interview with CPA, which he has just launched on the book market, a new work entitled  » Trip to the land of my dreams”, in which he paints daily life in Kinshasa.

According to him, this 329-page intellectual work, briefly describes situations that can be challenged by all, with a view to contributing to the socio-economic progress of Kinshasa people.

This work addressing several themes such as the sexuality of young people, women, drink, social, culture as well as politics, and others, summarizes the deplorable and persistent situations of the city, which it places in a «narrative coherence «in order to encourage the reader to question the real motivations for their continuity in Congolese circles.

As a reminder, the author of his real name Gauillaume, Jean Pierre Tony Apanda Mandi, is a Congolese writer living in Cyprus. He has already published several books including: «Sing the life « , a collection of poetry, « From the other side of the two-way mirror », all in 2020. ACP /