President Felix Tshisekedi welcomes the support of the grassroots development program in 2022 budget


Kinshasa, December 23rd, 2021 (CPA) – The President of the Republic, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, welcomed the support of the grassroots development program in 2022 fiscal year, in his closing speech on Thursday, in Kinshasa, of the 8th session of the conference of provincial governors.

According to the Head of State Felix Tshisekedi, within the framework of this development program, an envelope of 10 million US dollars per territory is planned over two fiscal years.

« I thank the Parliament and the government for ensuring the support of this program for 2022 budget for an amount equivalent to 725 million USD », said the Head of State, indicating that the success of this program implies a true orthodoxy in the management of the public finances of the provinces.

For President Tshisekedi, the national revenues allocated to the provinces up to 40% through withholding tax, in addition to the provinces’ own revenues, is an important source of vitality guaranteed by the Constitution.

He therefore called on the government to remove the obstacles relating to it by completing all the necessary reforms in order to give full effect to Article 175 paragraph 2 of the Constitution.

To this end, he encouraged the government to ensure regularly and equitably, the retrocession to the provinces, before calling on the provinces, for their part, to develop the capacities of mobilizing local revenues and transparency in the chain of expenditure while ensuring the rationalization of taxation, which according to the President of the Republic, is a pledge of the contribution of the greatest number to the community development effort.

In addition, continued the Head of State, the implementation of local governance requires the strengthening of financial decentralization, which is a major act guaranteeing the assumption of responsibility for the skills transferred and the achievement of local development.

« I praise the sincerity which animated you in the presentation of the diagnoses, the state of affairs or in the formulation of recommendations for the resolution of leadership crises and the promotion of stability in the provinces, which is an essential condition for the effective implementation of my vision of development for the well-being of our populations”, the Head of State Felix Antoine Tshisekedi told the governors.

Prime Minister Sama Lukonde congratulates governors for adhering to Head of State’s vision

Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde, for his part, welcomed the initiative of the President of the Republic to convene this 8th session of the conference of provincial governors before congratulating the provincial executives for having adhered to the Chief’s vision. of the State and for its materialization in their respective provinces.

« For the materialization of this vision, I ask you to work tirelessly under the directives of the government and to support the local development program of 145 territories already initiated by your government without forgetting the Chief’s integrated emergency community development program. of the State”, underlined by Head of government.

To achieve this goal, said the prime minister, « stability in the governance of the provinces is essential ». He therefore urged the governors to foster a climate of permanent dialogue within the provincial institutions and to support the materialization of the development program for the territories as well as their respective entities.

With regard to the central government, Jean Michel Sama Lukonde reassured the governors that they listened to and internalized their legitimate concerns related in particular to the conditions of their work and their government, before promising to make no effort to respond to them in as far as possible and according to the directives of the President of the Republic.

He also called on the governors to continue their commitment to support the national police as well as the security services which are engaged in the fight against the enemies of the Republic.

For a moratorium suspending the application of censure motions against governors

The Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Interior, Daniel Asselo Okito Wankoy, on behalf of the governors of the provinces proposed to the President of the Republic Felix Tshisekedi, on the political, administrative, cultural, legal and security level, to decree a moratorium suspending the application of the motions of censure against the provincial governors for a period of two years and to regularly convene the conference of provincial governors.

He also suggested that he initiate a constitutional and legislative reform likely to guarantee the stability of provincial political institutions, particularly with regard to the statute of the governor, to strengthen the capacities of members of provincial institutions, to ensure an effective and complete assignment. magistrates to the provinces as well as to strengthen the supervision and control role of the territorial inspectorate.

On the socio-economic and financial level, he also proposed in particular to ensure the payment of the emoluments of the governors and vice-governors of the provinces like the other elected officials as well as the salary of the members of their respective governments with retroactive effect of 31 months. in accordance with the law, ensure the regular payment of investment funds, operationalize the national equalization fund, ensure the reimbursement and inclusion of funds committed by the province for the rehabilitation of roads of national interest, make transparent the management of funds allocated to OVD, Road Office, OVDA and FONER, retrocede reforestation funds to the provinces, make the retrocession and operating costs to the province effective and regular through a standing order updated to the central bank .

In terms of reconstruction and infrastructure, he requested the rehabilitation of the production and processing unit, the construction and rehabilitation of airport and rail infrastructure in all provinces, transfers it to the accounts of the provinces of funds intended to the rehabilitation of deserted agricultural roads, the construction of production units and agro-pastoral enterprises in the provinces as well as the rehabilitation of seed centers, adaptation of livestock and nursery, construction and development of new sources of electric power and stations for the production and distribution of drinking water, the construction of social housing in all the provinces.

The collective of governors is committed to working in harmony with the central power

The collective of governors is committed within the framework of decentralization, to work in harmony with the central power and adhere to the vision of the President of the Republic Felix Tshisekedi for the implementation of the development program of the republic.

Aware of the current difficulties and the challenges to be met, the collective of the Governors of the provinces, deemed it appropriate to reiterate to the President of the Republic Felix Tshisekedi all its support, today and beyond 2023, for the continuation and the achievement of his enlightened vision better reflected by the key words: « The people first ».

This session was convened by the President of the Republic under the theme « the stability of the governance of the provinces: guarantee of the success of the local development program at the base of 145 territories of the DRC and of the integrated emergency development program community”, we note. ACP /