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Christmas party: Congolese Christians urged to cultivate peace and love for homeland

Kinshasa, December 27th, 2021 (CPA). The national president of the Church of Christ in Congo (ECC), Reverend André Gédéon Bokundoa bo-Likabe, urged Congolese Christians to cultivate peace and love for homeland for the transformation of the DRC into a peaceful and flourishing land, in his message on the occasion of the Christmas Festival, during a worship held on Saturday in the Centenary Cathedral, in the town of Lingwala.

For Reverend André Gédeon Bokundo, the feast of Christmas, celebrated on December 25th of each year, constitutes an event that challenges Christians, all tendencies combined, to be true artisans of peace and joy, the underlying reason for the birth of Jesus – Christ, the Messiah, come to bring peace and the salvation of souls.

During his preaching, the permanent pastor of the Centennial Cathedral, Bishop Séblon Mpereboy Mpere invited each Congolese to take advantage of this circumstance to be reconciled with God, his counterpart as well as his homeland, the Congo, where the ‘we are witnessing the emergence of many anti-values ​​such as corruption, embezzlement of public funds, selfishness, and other evils which hamper the progress of the country.

He also recommended that everyone spread a message of joy and hope in their environment, with a view to providing some relief to their loved ones, at this time when socio-economic life is slow to improve. The Minister of Portfolio, Adèle Kayinda Mahina and the national deputy Chadrac Bayitshura were among the public figures present at this worship. ACP/

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