The difficulties of the Association of Internet Service Providers submitted to the Prime Minister


Kinshasa, December 28th, 2021 (CPA)  .- A delegation from the Association of Internet Service Provider Association (ISPA-RDC), led by Jean-Claude Mudilu, vice-president of the Management Committee, submitted Tuesday, to Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde, the difficulties that ISPA member companies encounter across the country, during a hearing he granted him in his office . According to Jean-Claude Mudilu, the delegation came not only to present the ISPA association to the Prime Minister for the first time, but also and above all to present to him the difficulties that ISPA member companies face in the field. « Our visit was intended, first, to introduce him to the Association » Internet Service Provider Association DRC « , to tell him what we are doing as an Association to contribute to the development of the Internet industry. on the Internet eco-system”, he said, specifying that they reviewed the various achievements of the association, in particular the infrastructures that we were able to set up, the Internet exchange points which are installed in Kinshasa, Goma and Lubumbashi as well as the difficulties that the actors of the sector encounter at the level of the Internet ecosystem « , declared Jean-Claude Mudilu. The Prime Minister, he said, was very favorable to the proposals made by his interlocutors to promote the promotion of the Internet industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo, while promising that he will get involved as much as possible in providing support and alleviating the difficulties that players in the digital field encounter in the field, « said the Vice-President of ISPA. For his part, Dean Léon Ntale, Managing Director of Microcom, said he was satisfied to note that the Prime Minister has listened attentively to the various realities of the field submitted to him. “We are happy to have been received by the Prime Minister who gave us the opportunity to present the state and atmosphere of affairs in our field. We presented to the Prime Minister the difficulties we are facing across the country. It is mainly the problem of taxes and the problem of electricity and customs tariffs. We hope that there will be a solution in order to allow the scientific world, the students including the professors, the researchers, the companies also to have access to the Internet terminals ”, he declared. ACP/