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KBG Stars leader in the standings of the EUFKIN-Kilimani Division II Championship

Kinshasa, January 2rd, 2022 (CPA).- FC KBG Stars occupies the leadership of the division II championship of the Kinshasa Urban Football Agreement (EUFKIN) -Kilimani with 44 points in 18 outings, indicates the ranking of the executive secretariat of this upstart sports entity Sunday at the CPA. He is followed by CS Gowa with 36 points in as many matches, while Bobby FCA is in 3rd position with 34 points for the same number of games. The classification at the end of the 18th day is as follows: BG Stars 44 points, Goewa 36 pts, Bobby FCA 34 pts, Diallo Sport 33 pts, JOBC and Maison 28 points, Eliot and Indigo 27 points, Sans Malanda 26 pts , Socodam 25 pts, Mani Saint, Saint Raphaël and Business 24 points, LSK Sport 23 pts, Amalia 20 pts, Djogo 16 pts, Mechelen and Pro Sport 13 bridges, Nathan 6 points. Acolyta dominates Lingwala (1-0) in Division III / B AC Acolyta topped IC Lingwala 1-0 on Sunday at Ocal, Lingwala commune, in Matchday 12 of the Group B Division III championship. The only achievement of the game was the work of Mungedi (20th). For its part, FC Nzila won by forfeit its match against Winner (3-0). At Adjutant Kangala Ground in Bandalungwa commune, AC CLM beat TP Malata 2-0, while FC Dynakin tripped over God Win Team 0-1. Here are the other results of the same day: Tonga Moto-Les Stars de Kin 0-1, Boursa-Saint Paul 2-0, Univers-Real SCK 1-0. EFA at the top of the division III / B ranking EFA takes the lead in the EUFKIN-Kilimani Pool B division III championship with 29 points from 12 matches. He is followed by Acolyta 25 points for the same number of games. The classification at the end of the 12th day is established as follows: EFA 29 points, Acolyta, Marseille and Boursa 25 points, Les Stars de Kin 23 pts, Matete and CLM 21 points, Tonga Moto 18 pts, Nouvelle Académie Afrima and New Kanunga 17 points, Dynakin and Saint Paul 13 points, New Bel Espoir and Lingwala 12 points, Nzila 10 pts, Real SCK and God Win Team 8 points, Winner and Malata 7 points, Universe 4 points.

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