Polytechnic engineer Thotho Mabiku appointed National Executive Secretary of INEC


Kinshasa, January 10th, 2022 (CPA)  .- The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) appointed Thursday, by its Decision N ° 002 / INEC / BUR / 22 of 06 January 2022 signed by the 1st Vice-President, and received on Saturday at the CPA, the polytechnic engineer Thotho Mabiku Totokani, as the new National Executive Secretary, replacing Rossard Malonda.

The new National Executive Secretary is a polytechnic engineer, a specialist in computer science, statistics and artificial intelligence, it is reported. He also has a great mastery of computer systems and databases, having worked, as an executive and consultant expert, in several multinational companies working in the sector of finance, research, preparation and electoral prediction.

Thotho Mabiku Totokani has, it is added, proven expertise in project preparation and management, electoral preparation, Cloud Computing, data analysis and processing and prediction using parametric, non-parametric, linear regression statistical methods, logistic regression and also advanced machine learning algorithms. ACP/