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President Felix Tshisekedi for the assessment of the impact of COP26

Kinshasa, January 17th, 2022 (CPA) – The President of the Republic, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, insisted on the assessment of the impact of the bilateral meetings organized within the framework of COP26, in his communication during the 36th meeting of the Council of Ministers which he chaired on Friday by videoconference at the city of the African Union.

The Minister in charge of Communication and Media, Patrick Muyaya, who reported on the said meeting, said that the Head of State also insisted on the importance of pooling efforts for reforestation and avoidance of deforestation as well as to capitalize them in the form of carbon credits in order to increase financing resources for the rapid transformation of rural economies.

« The Democratic Republic of Congo cannot be a solution country without offering solutions of significant scope on all projects likely to strengthen its regional and international leadership in environmental matters », said Patrick Muyaya, stressing that the President of the Republic has also underlined the importance of encouraging the population and especially the youth to embark on the green economy in order to contribute to the creation of sustainable and income-generating jobs.

“The 145-territory development program should help generate resources in rural economies. The rural populations concerned must understand respect for the environment not as a brake on the economy but rather as a real opportunity to improve the quality of life in their natural environment and to participate in the green business in which they must be actors. prominent”, suggested the government spokesperson.

He indicated that the Head of State instructed the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Environment, the Ministers of State in charge of Entrepreneurship and Regional Planning as well as the Ministers in charge of Digital, Finance and Agriculture to undertake various consultations with various experts from all the public and private institutions concerned with the aim of identifying avenues of convergence with a view to quickly proposing a bankable application file to the Commission des forests of Central Africa and other public and private partners at both bilateral and multilateral level.

The Head of State for the acceleration of preparations for the Games of Francophonia

The President of the Republic, indicated the government spokesman, considers that it is more urgent to accelerate the preparations for the games of La Francophonie which will be held in the coming months in Kinshasa, capital of DRC.

The government, he said, will now have to do a weekly follow-up on the achievement of the criteria set by the international organization of Francophonia, particularly with regard to the reception and accommodation of delegations, the availability of logistics for travel, mapping of road routes, secure and in perfect condition, simulations of the opening and closing ceremonies.

The Minister in charge of Regional Integration, indicated Minister Patrick Muyaya, has been instructed to make a weekly briefing during the meetings of the Council of Ministers, especially since the President of the Republic wishes to be reassured of the effectiveness of the execution of the action program before the physical inspection that it will carry out on the ground at the end of the first quarter of 2022.

The government called to provide a lasting solution to the problems of traffic jams in Kinshasa

The President of the Republic Felix Tshisekedi also invited, during this Council, the government to provide a lasting solution to the problems of traffic jams on all Kinshasa roads with heavy traffic congestion.

Faced with frequent traffic jams in Kinshasa which during rush hours strongly handicap the movement of the population by way of consequences, the socio-economic activities of the city, the government spokesperson underlined the need to accelerate road works in Kinshasa with a view to unclogging the city and significantly reducing traffic jams.

The President of the Republic, said Minister Patrick Muyaya, recalled that in terms of urban mobility, infrastructures are only part of the solution, hence the need to integrate regulation and mass transport before to ensure strict compliance with the highway code by all users, including cyclists and pedestrians.

For Patrick Muyaya, the establishment of the authority of the Road Traffic Police begins with restoring discipline and integrity in this specialized body of the Police and organizing training and upgrading sessions.

The President of the Republic, he indicated, has instructed the Minister in charge of Infrastructure to present at each meeting of the Council of Ministers a report on the progress of all construction maintenance projects on the roads of Kinshasa particularly the zero hole program, given the binding nature with regard to the results expected by the population, and this until further notice.

The Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Interior, Security, Decentralization and Customary Affairs, he added, was instructed to instruct the Commander of the Traffic Police to make the necessary arrangements for discipline, to re-educate, encourage, reorganize and supervise the police officers of this specialized unit and to report to the next Council of Ministers.

He will also have to instruct the governor of Kinshasa city to ensure that the roads are not encroached on, in particular by banning pirate markets and anarchic constructions, sources of disturbance of good road traffic.

The Prime Minister informs the Council of a series of raids in Kinshasa

The Minister in charge of Communication and Media, Patrick Muyaya, also indicated that the Prime Minister informed the Council of Ministers in accordance with the recommendations of the President of the Republic of a series of raids he carried out in the city of Kinshasa, in order to soak up the progress of the construction works of the water collection and pumping plant to improve the drinking water supply in the eastern area of ​​the capital, in particular in Lemba Imbu.

The Chief of the National Executive, he specified, also spoke of the immediate intervention of the government within the framework of the implementation of the zero hole project, in order to obtain the urgent rehabilitation of the defective section of SECOMAF road before to go to the Kinshasa provincial reference hospital (ex. Mama Yemo) to feel the progress of the work. The Head of Government, he concluded, invited the Ministers in charge of Hydrocarbons and the National Economy to ensure each one in what concerns him so that the country does not fall into a shortage or price inflation. at the pump. ACP/

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