More than a billion USD available to support Congolese entrepreneurs, according to CCRDC


Kinshasa, February 3rd, 2022 (CPA).– The General Director of the Chamber of Commerce of DRC (CCRDC), Christophe Kimona, announced on Wednesday in Kinshasa, during a press conference held in the enclosure of the building housing the Ministry in charge of Interior, that the structure it directs, in partnership with Turkish economic operators, will soon make available an envelope of USD 1,000,000,000 (billion) for the benefit of Congolese women entrepreneurs, CPA learned on Thursday from of said structure.

Mr. Christophe Kimona, specifies the source, indicated that this envelope is released with the aim of boosting the Congolese entrepreneurship sector, helping Congolese economic actors evolving in the business world by giving them the opportunity to build cooperative relationships with Turkish companies.

The wish of CCRDC, he said, is to bring the Congolese to collaborate directly with Turkish companies without intermediaries or barriers.

 “The mission of CCRDC is to play the role of a bridge that will connect foreign and national entrepreneurs, with a view to establishing a climate conducive to business development in DRC. This kind of partnership is a way for me and the structure that I lead, to support the vision of the President of the Republic, Felix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, that of promoting the entrepreneurship sector and the creation of a middle class Congolese entrepreneurs.

Responding to a question, the Deputy General Director of CCRDC, Magaly Badiata, announced the holding soon of a forum for the exchange of experiences with Turkish entrepreneurs in Turkey for the benefit of Congolese entrepreneurs, in order to allow these last to benefit, to feel the opportunities offered by Turkish companies.