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Three criminal networks arrested and presented to the military governor of Ituri

Bunia, February 7th, 2022 (CPA).-.-Three (3) criminal networks arrested by the defense and security forces were presented on Saturday to the military governor, Lieutenant General Johnny Luboya N’kashama at the governorate esplanade in presence of members of the provincial security committee.

According to the FARDC spokesman in Ituri, Lieutenant Jules Ngongo Tshikudi, the first network is a group made up of buyers and sellers of weapons of war and ammunition to armed groups, including an army of the type PKM served as proof, with the complicity of the head of the Bakongolo district, Neema Butcho, specifying that this army of support was negotiated at $1,500.

In this group, informed the security services, two young men and two women, including the district chief Bakongolo, were identified as repeat offenders for having been arrested many times by the intelligence services for the same offence. “With regard to the second group, it is a question of 4 suppliers of pharmaceutical products concealed in cans of oil intended for the wounded ADF in the forest, after the clashes between this foreign armed group and the loyalist forces arrested in Otmaber on the Luna-Beni axis to the south of the Irumu territory », indicated Lieutenant Jules Ngongo.

Among these suppliers, two are Mai-Mai elements from North Kivu, including an ADF nurse from Oïcha. The last group is made up of 4 uncontrolled elements of the FARDC known for harassment, whose job is to often erect barriers on the RN27 in order to hold passers-by and vehicles to ransom.

Shocked to see the complicity of women in criminal missions, the military governor, Lieutenant General Johnny Luboya N’kashama congratulated the work done by the army and the security services in unearthing these thugs. The military governor wondered why the Iturians continue to kill their brothers and sisters, supported by others from North Kivu.

“You are destroying Ituri. These weapons that you buy are used to kill the Congolese soldiers and, your brothers and sisters, supported by politicians based in Kinshasa », he said, before adding that « We continue to fight the ADF and all armed groups, the time to commit crimes is over, and for the harassing soldiers on the roads which are being rehabilitated, will be punished with the utmost rigor”. This network of buyers and sellers of weapons of war encourages soldiers to commit offenses by selling weapons. The latter will be sentenced in accordance with article 88 of the military penal code, it is reported. CPA/

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