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Visit to the SEP of INEC/Haut-Katanga by students from the Protestant University of Lubumbashi

Kinshasa, February 7th, 2022 (CPA).-.– The provincial executive secretary of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI)/Lubumbashi in Haut-Katanga, Fabienne Mukulumoya, gave a brief progress report on the electoral process with reference to the roadmap published by this democracy support institution for 1st graduate students in political and administrative sciences at the Protestant University of Lubumbashi (UPL).

According to the SEP/Lubumbashi communication unit, these students on a guided tour of the INEC facilities also had members of the SEP explain to each other in turn the law on the organization and functioning of the INEC, its missions. , its attributions, its composition, the organic and administrative structure and the status of the members at the national, provincial and territorial level.

For the students, the reason for this visit led by Professor Ken Dibwe, to the provincial executive secretariat of the INEC was to immerse themselves in the electoral practice of the DRC, the theories of which are taught to them in the audiences. Professor Ken Dibwe, at the end of the question-and-answer session, thanked the members of the SEP/Lubumbashi for their availability and especially for their willingness to contribute to the training of young people. They were edified by the relevant information and notions learned through the interventions of SEP members. « Their presentations are already a complement to his course and others of the faculty, » he concluded. CPA/

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