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Cause of stall tax price rise explained to vendors at Matete market

Kinshasa, February 17th, 2022 (CPA) – The mayor of Matete municipality, Raphael Kasongo Onya, explained to sellers of Matete on Monday the cause of the rise in prices of the tax on display, during a meeting held in the hall of the town hall with a delegation from the said market administration and the vendors’ unions.

According to the mayor, this increase in the price of the display tax concerns all markets in Kinshasa city. This is due to the need to find the means to implement the program to clean up these trading places.

The municipal authority took this opportunity to remind sellers to get involved in the sanitation of their workplace which, according to him, must imperatively be healthy.

The display price, which was FC 300, has increased to FC 400 and the sellers’ contribution to sanitation, which was once set at FC 100, is now down to FC 200. Goods guarding services remained at FC 100 which makes a total of FC 700 instead of FC 500. ACP/

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