INEC: deployment of 7,500 data collectors for the revision of the electoral register


Kinshasa, February 18th, 2022 (CPA).-The President of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Denis Kadima Kazadi, announced the deployment of 7,500 data collection officers in the 5,909 groups and 385 municipalities of the country, for the revision of the electoral register of more than 24,000 registration centers, in his speech at the end of the workshop on Thursday for the validation of tools for updating operational maps, at the headquarters in the commune of Gombe. For the President of the INEC, this operation can only be carried out after having accomplished a certain number of prerequisites, in particular the physical inventory of the equipment and the personnel both in Kinshasa as well as in the dismemberments and the updating of the cartography operational. All these raids, he added, must therefore be preceded by training of operational staff which will be organized both in the capital and in the branches of the INEC on the methodology, the use of smartphones, a new tool essential that his institution will use instead of the abundant paperwork followed by a series of meetings. To this end, he invited the working groups to provide his institution with the desired operational tools in order to improve the conditions for the organization of the next credible and transparent elections desired by all. Dating back four years, a lot of data has changed, in particular the creation of new administrative entities. « The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) undertakes to accomplish its mission in accordance with the Constitution, the law and the texts in force and in compliance with the electoral deadlines as listed on its roadmap for the electoral process of 2021. to 2027 made public on February 3rd; 2022,” said Denis Kadima Kazadi. The National Executive Secretary, Thotho Mabiku Totokani said he was satisfied with the quality work done, particularly concerning the validation of the procedure guide on mapping, the elements on recruitment and training, the terms of reference and the timetable as well as the estimates of operations management.