Governor Ngobila launches project to digitize lease contracts in Kinshasa


Kinshasa, February 21st, 2022 (CPA).-The governor of Kinshasa city, Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka, launched, on Friday, at Kinshasa City Hall, the project of digital lease contracts between owner and tenant.

The urban authority has informed that the digitization of contracts or lease books offers several advantages, in particular the identification and registration of tenants and lessors throughout the city, by constituting a database for the City.

“The project consists in setting up a database allowing the tax and financial service Kinshasa city to have, in real time, what the taxpayer has paid. This will limit the phenomenon of revenue leakage”, Governor Ngobila said.

In practice, he added, « OKAB » company which snatched this market will provide the city with the necessary equipment and software which will help the housing services of 24 municipalities of Kinshasa to digitally record the lease contracts or lease booklets as the case may be.

According to him, this digitization also meets the spirit and the letter of the ministerial decree of July 13th, 2021 which modifies that of December 11th, 2018 establishing a standard lease contract and a standard lease book in DRC.

« Kinshasa city needs the participation of all Kinshasa people for its development and its take-off and these lease contracts are an important source of revenue generation, because there are many people liable to tax on rental income », he declared, adding that those who paid this tax regularly, the city would have the means for its policy.

Faced with the imperative of maximizing its revenues in order to acquire the means for its development, Kinshasa city is going on a campaign to identify and register tenants and lessors by using new information technologies through the use of adapted software that its partner « OKAB » makes available to it, he explained.

To do this, teams already formed will be dropped first in the pilot municipality of Gombe, for this work, indicated the governor, thus inviting his constituents to reserve a frank collaboration with the agents committed to this operation. ACP/