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Ituri: eighteen presumed armed criminals presented to the vice-governor in Bunia

Bunia, February 22nd, 2022 (CPA).- The provincial commissioner of the PNC in Ituri, the deputy divisional commissioner, Seguin Ngoy Sengelwa Kyo, presented to the deputy police governor, Benjamin Alongaboni, assuming the interim of his incumbent on mission, 18 alleged criminals to armed force operating in the town of Bunia and its surroundings, in the presence of the provincial security committee, at the Esplanade of the provincial governorate. These are 2 groups of criminals made up of several individuals arrested for armed robbery and criminal association offenses as well as two FPIC militiamen captured at the front by the FARDC. According to the provincial commissioner Seguin Ngoy, his elements have, during the arrest of these criminals, recovered 4 firearms and several ammunition as well as many valuable goods including motorcycles.

The first group of these presumed criminals is led by a certain King, active in armed robbery operations in Bunia, and the second is headed by a corporal who deserted the FARDC. A 16-year-old boy, nicknamed Satan, a good shooter who knows how to terrorize victims during robbery operations, was identified in the first group.

 “I think you all appreciate the work done by the defense and security services. These arrested thugs are your children, and the weapons they illegally possess are intended to kill you, not to kill me. Go tell those who manipulate you with lies that the state of siege has a mission, and we will leave one day. You have disavowed Governor Abdallah Pene Mbaka, you fought Jean Bamanisa Saidi, and now you are attacking the leaders of the state of siege”, declared, bluntly, Vice-Governor Benjamin Alongaboni, addressing the population. , before congratulating the security services for their bravery. For his part, the army spokesman in Ituri, Lt Jules Ngongo Tshikudi, indicated that 13 militiamen were neutralized by the army during the clashes and 3 weapons recovered during an attempt to loot cows in villages located between Bambunga and Shari, about ten kilometers east of Bunia. These alleged criminals have been handed over to military justice for a thorough investigation, it is reported.ACP/

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