EXCELLENTIA: international and local scholarship holders distinguish themselves in their different universities


Kinshasa, March 7th, 2022 (CPA).– International and local scholarship holders of the « EXCELLENTIA » program of the Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi Foundation, students in different universities abroad and in the country are distinguished in their studies and are the pride of the country, indicates a press release from the said Foundation which reached the CPA on Saturday. « The students who won the « EXCELLENTIA » scholarship from the Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi Foundation (FDNT) continue to hoist high the standard of the image of a youth, coming from the great Congo in the heart of Africa », resumes the communicated. This document specifies that, from the capital to the provinces of the DRC or even abroad, these scholarship holders continue to impress excellence in their academic course.

Awards both internationally and domestically

Internationally, for example, Juliette Baraka Ntamwenge and Emmanuela Sakina Binti, two former students of the Lycée Amani in Goma, obtained an average of 19.1/20 and 17.9/20 respectively at the Sorbonne University. The first in mechanics, while the second, in electronics, in STEM. On the other side of the Atlantic, Lukau Tesa Please, a former student of the Loupiots school in Kinshasa, obtained 3.8/4 (95/100) at Southern Utah University in the United States of America, in the Computer Science.

As for those who evolve in the country, here is the list of EXCELLENTIA scholars who have distinguished themselves in their respective universities: 1. Victoire Mambo Kitoga, Catholic University of Congo (UCC), city of Kinshasa, success with great distinction 83%; 2. Ibrahim Kitalebe Rukukuye, Catholic University of Bukavu, city of Bukavu, pass with great distinction 83%; 3. Enjili Kilosho, Evangelical University in Africa, city of Bukavu, pass with great distinction 83%; 4. Josué Mbangu Divenu, Excellentia scholarship holder, UCC, Kinshasa, great distinction 80%; 5.

 Apolline Katende Kariva, Bakhita African Faculties, City of Butembo, pass with distinction 76%; 6. Joseph Kibukila, city of Bukavu, passing with distinction 75%; 7. Luc Kabika Lwango, scholarship holder, Catholic University of Bukavu, city of Bukavu, success with distinction 73%; 8. Ignace Monga Ilunga, Catholic University of Congo, city of Kinshasa, pass with distinction 72%; 9. Christine Lukonde Kyenge, New Horizons University, city of Lubumbashi, pass with distinction 72%; 10. Endukadi Origene Kisubi, Excellentia scholar, Catholic University of Bukavu, city of Bukavu, pass with distinction 72%. 11. Jerlas Kambale Kasido, Higher Institute of Medical Techniques, City of Butembo, pass with distinction 71%; 12.

 Ngoie Muntuabene Triza, Excellentia scholarship holder, New Horizons University, city of Lubumbashi, pass with distinction 71% and 13. Prodige Luta Natshilombo, University of Kolwezi, city of Kolwezi, pass with distinction 70%. It should be noted that these distinctions by EXCELLENTIA scholarship holders were obtained during the academic year which has just ended (2021). “Very good news from some of our local and international EXCELLENTIA scholars has recently reached us. They make me so proud and comfort me in this fight that I have chosen to carry for almost 3 years”, tweeted the First Lady Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi, it is reported. CPA/