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Establishment of the Communication and Media States General Monitoring Committee

Kinshasa, March 8th, 2022 (CPA).– The Minister in charge of Communication and Media, Patrick Muyaya Katembwe, proceeded, on Monday, at Nganda Center in Kinshasa, to the establishment of the Committee to follow up on the recommendations of the General States of Communication and Media (EGCM).

In fact, one month after the end of this work, which was carried out successfully, the Minister in charge of Communication and Media made public the names of the various actors making up this committee, for the enrichment of the laws and other existing texts and for the drafting of new texts based on the recommendations.

“We have only one option to move towards change and we have not skimped on our ambitions, because when I look at everything that we have put in place, it must require a lot of willpower on our part, a lot of attention and concentration”, affirmed Patrick Muyaya.

For the rapid development of a roadmap

The establishment of this new committee, the objective of which is to draw up a roadmap, following recommendations issued by the three commissions, has enabled, according to the Minister in charge of Communication and Media, certain professional players in the sector, in particular publicists and caricaturists, to work together towards what is most important.

Speaking during the exchanges, Willy Kalengayi believes that this committee must be forced into a duty of transparency and accountability to the mass of the journalistic and communication corporation of the DRC, so that change is everyone’s business.

For his part, Professor Jean-Chretien Ekambo insisted on the rapid establishment, by the committee, of a roadmap which will allow the work to be done in a professional manner, because first clues are needed change.

Mr. Luto, member of the said committee, while thanking Minister Patrick Muyaya for the invitation, welcomed this new commission which is a boon to restore order in the advertising sector undermined by several problems, in particular competition unfair, taxes and others.

« We are here for this roadmap to be given to the different sectors, so that we can also make amendments », he said. This committee, chaired by a president accompanied by 3 vice-presidents and 4 rapporteurs, is composed of an office and members, we note.

PCA of the Congolese News Agency, Nicole Dimbambu Buanga, participates in this work of the Monitoring Committee, it is reported.


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