Equateur: Upcoming launch in Bokote of the construction of the Sanctuary of Isidore Bakandja


Kinshasa, March 9th, 2022 (CPA) – Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde received, on Wednesday, in his office, a strong delegation from the hierarchy of the Catholic Church who came to thank him for the positive response of the Head of the State, Felix Tshisekedi, and the government of the Republic, to the construction project of the Sanctuary of Isidore Bakandja in Bokote, on the banks of the Tshuapa river, in Equateur province.

 « It was on the sidelines of Pope Francis’ visit to DRC that the Archdiocese of Mbandaka-Bikoro had submitted this project to the government of the Republic aimed at enhancing the site where Blessed Isidore Bakandja rests for eternity », declared, at the end of the audience, the Archbishop of Mbandaka-Bikoro, Mgr Ernest Ngboko, alongside the Bishop of Bokungu-Ikela, Mgr Toussaint Iluku, and the Minister of State, Minister in charge of Regional Planning, Guy Loando, who led the delegation.

In a few days, CPA has learned, the Prime Minister will officially launch the work to enhance this important site, which also has a tourist character.

“This site, once valued, will constitute for DRC, a great honor because the devotion of the place goes beyond even the framework of the country. So, this place really needs to be well laid out, to really be up to it and to ensure that it can reflect the dignity of the one who rests there and of our country DRC », said Bishop Ernest Ngboko, satisfied of « this initiative whose fruits will soon be visible ».

Economic boom for Greater Equateur as a whole, according to Guy Loando

For his part, the Minister of State Guy Loando declared having received the instruction of the Prime Minister, to personally follow the execution of these works which will be launched, in order to ensure their good progress and the realization of this work that will be very beneficial, not only for Greater Equateur, but also for the honor of the whole country.

“Today, their Excellences, the Archbishop of Mbandaka-Bikoro and the Bishop of the Diocese of Bokungu-Ikela came to express their gratitude to the Prime Minister, Head of Government, for the very soon implementation of this project. This project will be a tourist site on the banks of the Tshuapa River. If this work is done as planned, it will not only attract pilgrims, but also it will be an economic boom for Greater Equateur as a whole”, said the Minister of State.

Guy Loando concluded by declaring that he will closely follow, on the instructions of the very high hierarchy, « the materialization of this very salutary project which falls within the framework of the upcoming visit to our country of His Holiness the Pope ».