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A Senate fact-finding mission assesses teachers’ pay by bank with the Minister in charge of EPST

Kinshasa, March 11th, 2022 (CPA) – A Senate fact-finding mission led by the Vice-President of the Economic and Financial Commission of this Chamber of Parliament, Celestin Vunabandi, assessed, on Wednesday, the payroll operation of teachers by bank, during a working session with the Minister in charge of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education (EPST), Prof. Tony Mwaba Kazadi, in his office.

« The payment by bank of the salary of the teachers deserves to be evaluated in order to correct the few isolated problems which are likely to disturb the smooth running of the lessons », argued Senator Celestin Vunabandi.

The latter welcomed some progress made in this operation, while recognizing that there are still many problems to be solved which require an assessment before proposing possible solutions.

His team, he said, is interested in having a clear idea on the payroll or resources disbursed monthly since 2018 to date, including balances, number of teachers paid, schools concerned and the educational provinces.

“We are very satisfied with this first meeting. The Minister has provided us with collaborators with whom we will continue discussions. We are at the collection stage, which is why we have requested a series of data that we will use to make observations and draw conclusions”, said Senator Celestin Vunabandi.

The senators intend to return to the Minister in the future days to present the conclusions of their investigation, the objective of which is to improve the living conditions of teachers.

As a reminder, the operation of teachers’ payroll by bank has been decreed since 2012. ACP/Kwilu

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