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General Manager Guy Bompate in Boma to immerse himself in the file of looted Onapac concessions

Boma, March 11th, 2022 (CPA),- The director general of the National Office for Agricultural Products of Congo (Onapac), Guy Bompate Bo-Lounda, has been staying since Wednesday in Boma, a city located in the province of Kongo Central, to impregnate files concerning the real estate heritage of his despoiled company. The director general of Onapac, upon his arrival, went to the concession of his company located in the Kamanda Matiti district, despoiled by the population who erected buildings there. On the spot, he spoke with the illegal occupants of the concession, to seek arbitration from the High Court (Tgi), through the public prosecutor, Matungulu. Guy Bompate took advantage of his stay in Boma to talk with the working masses, trade unionists and company executives, with whom he discussed subjects likely to maintain social peace for the sustainable development of Onapac. In the coastal city of Moanda, the director general of Onapac visited the concession of his company, in anticipation of the construction works which are planned in the days to come. Coffee production at the center of the exchange of views between Guy Bompate and acting Governor from Kongo Central during the same day of Wednesday, the director general of Onapac discussed, in Matadi, capital of the province of Kongo Central, the question related to the revival of coffee production, with the interim governor, Justin Luemba. Makoso. “Kongo Central has fertile land for coffee production,” Guy Bompate told the provincial governor. The two personalities have promised to deepen the project for its realization. “The ambition of Onapac is to extend agricultural production to all the arable areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). I welcome the commitment of the interim governor of Kongo Central province to support this major project for the development of the province,” Guy Bompate told the press.

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