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The population of Kinshasa receive the Presidential couple

Kinshasa, March 17th, 2022 (CPA).- The President of the Republic Felix Antoine Tshisekedi, accompanied by the First Lady, Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi, returned to Kinshasa, on Thursday morning, from Brussels (Belgium), at the end of a stay of more than a week in the Belgian capital. After the formal ceremony at the bottom of the plane, the President of the National Assembly, Christophe Mboso, and his colleague from the Senate, Modeste Bahati, the national elected and some members of the government welcomed the Head of State Felix Antoine Tshisekedi at the bottom of the footbridge, before joining the presidential pavilion of the international airport of Ndjili. The Head of State walked over a distance of more than 100 m separating the Presidential Pavilion from Boulevard Lumumba, before receiving a warm welcome from the population massed along this artery. Activists of the political parties members of the Sacred Union of the Nation (USN) including those of the presidential party, the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS), and a good representation of the institutions of the Republic, in particular senators, national deputies and members of the government spontaneously responded to this welcome from the Head of State. Affected by the drama of the fire, on Wednesday, of a warehouse of Debonhomme, in Matete municipality, the presidential couple stopped to see the damage and comfort the victims, before returning to the City of the African Union. Approached by CPA on this occasion, the national deputy and president of the political party « Convention des Congolese Unis » (CCU), Lambert Mende Omalanga, said, moreover, to have made the trip from the international airport of N’djili , alongside other national elected officials, to reassure the entire Congolese Nation that the Head of State is doing well. Lambert Mende also justified his presence in N’djili by the fact that the President of the Republic, Felix Tshisekedi, is the leader of his political family, « Sacred Union of the Nation ».

Meeting with the staff of the Embassy of DRC in Belgium

In addition, the President of the Republic, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, during his private stay in Belgium, explained his diplomatic vision, during a meeting last Monday, at the Embassy of DRC in Brussels, with diplomats and local law agents, a diplomatic source told CPA/Brussels. “DRC has entered into a new partnership with everyone, without favoring any category of country. We are at the time of globalization, we are obliged to review our diplomatic policy to open ourselves to new partnerships », insisted the Head of State, citing as an illustration China, India, Turkey and the Gulf countries. The President of the Republic also pointed out that the world is redesigning itself and that DRC should not miss this opportunity, because it is called to become a leading country.


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