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Minister Fabrice Puela launches consultations national in Goma, on transitional justice

Goma, March 18th, 2022 (CPA), The Minister of Human Rights, Fabrice Puela, launched Friday, in Goma, capital of the province of North Kivu, the national popular consultations which should lead to the establishment of the transitional justice in the country. In his speech, in front of the military governor, Lieutenant General Constant Ndima Kongba as well as delegates from the living forces of the province of North Kivu, Minister Fabrice Puela demonstrated the need for reparation in view of the misdeeds and serious crimes faced by the Congolese for more than two decades. « The national consultations constitute this prelude process to the implementation of transitional justice so that we can know what really happened so that justice can do its job », justified the Minister Fabrice Puela, before adding that this is an opportunity to end impunity. « Those who are directly or indirectly involved in the atrocities in eastern DRC must answer for their actions and, if necessary, make reparations individually or collectively, » he said. The purpose is to restore national cohesion by giving back to each other the love of belonging to a country and founding a nation. Shortly before, the governor of the province of North Kivu had formulated his commitment to take ownership of these consultations, which constitute a process of justice based on forgiveness, repentance and the manifestation of the truth. The Minister of Human Rights, Fabrice Puela, carried out the same mission to Kalemie in the province of Tanganyika and to Tshikapa, in Kasaï central to continue it in Matadi, in the province of Kongo Central, it is recalled.

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