A scientific morning on voter awareness of the electoral process


Kinshasa, March 21st, 2022 (CPA).- The collective of organizations specialized in governance and elections (COGE) organized on Saturday, in collaboration with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), in the Ndolo district in the commune of Barumbu, a morning scientist on raising awareness of the electoral process, the CPA learned on Sunday at the central electoral office. According to the source, the sensitization focused on electoral reforms and building the capacity of electoral sensitizers to edify them on the main issues of the electoral process so that, in turn, they can reach more than 50 million Congolese.

The delegate of the electoral center, member of my plenary Gérard Bisambu, found it imperative to challenge them on the role they are called upon to play in raising awareness of the population so that the elections are legitimate with the appropriation of the population. “After each election, there is always a plea for the launch of a consultation framework for better awareness, because this is the engine for successful polls,” he said.

While indicating that adequate financial, human and material resources must be granted, he hoped that the electoral sensitizers thus trained could work closely with the democracy support institution so that this work is effective and converges towards consolidation of democracy in the country.

Pacific Nkunzi, one of the organizers, welcomed the contribution of the INEC to these sessions, the purpose of which, he underlined, is to technically rearm the electoral sensitizers. « It was also an opportunity to help them understand their role and the tools to use in order to understand the challenges related to the electoral process, to accomplish this task, to better inform Congolese citizens, to turn their backs on disinformation and to organize the desired elections,” he concluded. ACP/