About 10,463 self-taught candidates in the DRC face the preliminary test of the state exam and the national jury, 2021-2022 edition


Mbandaka, March 21st, 2022 (CPA).– About 10,463 self-taught candidates from the long cycle scattered in about 262 centers and 89 candidates from the short cycle gathered in 16 centers in the DRC, face the preliminary test of the State examination and the jury national, 2021-2022 edition. The Minister of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education (EPST), Professor Tony Mwaba Kazadi, said so on Sunday during the ceremony to launch this test throughout the country, organized at the Liziba primary school in Mbandaka.

To this end, he indicated that this preliminary test constitutes the gateway to the State examination and the national jury for all young people and self-taught adults who want to obtain a State diploma or a patent of the cycle short, adding that she must be surrounded by all security measures. Minister Tony Mwaba also asked all test center inspectors and supervisors throughout the Republic to correctly play the role he expects of them, before urging candidates not to give in to the demons of cheating and collaboration, and working individually.

For his part, the governor of the province of Equateur, Bobo Boloko Bolumbu stressed that the presence of the national minister of EPST in this province is an opportunity to personally ensure the effectiveness of free education primary education throughout the province of Equateur, despite the difficulties related in particular to school infrastructure, benches, desks and the management of new units. « I dare to believe that your presence will bring suitable solutions to the aforementioned problems of the education sub-sector in Ecuador », he said in substance. Finally, he reassured of the support of the provincial government for the materialization of several reforms undertaken in the education sector under the leadership of the President of the Republic Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo. ACP/