Expo Dubai 2020: the DRC will represent itself to the world in its diversity, according to Minister Patrick Muyaya


Kinshasa, March 20, 2020 (ACP).- The DRC will represent itself to the world in its diversity, in its particularities, in particular in terms of natural resources and mines, on the occasion of the national day dedicated to it at the Expo Dubai 2020, Minister of Communication and Media, Government Spokesperson Patrick Muyaya told the CPA shortly before boarding a flight from N’Djili International Airport to Dubai on Sunday in the United States. United Arab Emirates. « We are going to take advantage of this opportunity that the world offers us to present what we are, » said the Minister of Communication, before adding that Expo Dubai 2020 is also an opportunity for the DRC to talk about its forests.

which currently make it a solution country in the face of global warming on earth. It is also a question of talking about the Congolese Rumba which has been recognized as world heritage of humanity, according to the government spokesperson, who has also justified for this purpose the presence of the Minister of Culture and Arts. in the delegation. On Saturday and Sunday, Congolese economic operators, artists and painters as well as several ministers, traveled from Dubai to participate in Expo Dubai 2020 devoted on Tuesday to the DRC National Day and the DRC Business Forum -United Arab Emirates.

The DRC pavilion represents the beauty of the country with the slogan: « We make the heart of Africa beat », the DRC Pavilion was built to create a unique experience to allow visitors to discover the beauty, abundance and endless opportunities of the DRC and its inhabitants.

leaving them with a sense of respect. This pavilion showcases the natural delights (home to half of the world’s lowland gorillas), a thriving ecological scene, the culinary delights and investment opportunities of this magnificent West African gem. The content of the Pavilion supports the national priority of making the DRC an emerging market economy by 2030 and a developed country by 2050. It highlights the potential for transformation and opportunities in different economic sectors (agriculture, energy, industry, etc.), including the growth of the market and the middle class.

Since October 1, 2021, and until March 31, 2022, the United Arab Emirates has been hosting the World Expo, initially scheduled for 2020 but which had to be postponed for a year due to the health crisis. The overall theme chosen for Expo 2020 Dubai is: “Connecting Minds, Building the Future”. It revolves around new forms of connecting people and ideas that foster innovation and development. This event should therefore inspire peoples and countries to create synergies, which can respond to the multiple future challenges of humanity in terms of opportunities, mobility and sustainability which constitute the three sub-themes of this event. This is the first universal exhibition to take place in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region, and certainly one of the first gatherings of international scope since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. 19. More than 190 countries, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, are taking part in Expo 2020 Dubai to imagine the world of tomorrow.

Some 25 million visitors are expected; the DRC is delighted to be able to welcome several of them to its pavilion located in the “Opportunity” district. Over 200 exhibitors are expected including nations, multilateral organizations, businesses and educational institutions. The appeal of the Congolese delegation is more explicit: « Meet the Congolese people, dynamic, creative and innovative, immerse yourself in a magnificent nature and explore the music by dancing to the rhythm of the Democratic Republic of the Congo ». ACP/