Gentiny Ngobila invites the population of the city of Kinshasa to internalize the tax culture


Kinshasa, March 21st, 2022 (CPA). – The governor of the city of Kinshasa, Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka, invited, on Saturday, his constituents to internalize the tax culture, on the occasion of the launch of the campaign for declaration and payment of the property tax (IF) and the tax on rental income (IRL), financial year 2022, held at the headquarters of the Kinshasa General Directorate of Revenue (DGRK), in the commune of Gombe.

In its word for the occasion, the urban authority indicated that this ceremony not only marks the start of the campaign for major deadlines, financial year 2022, but also the implementation of the electronic declaration and the digitization of payments. He underlined that faced with the obsolescence resulting from the evolution of texts and new technologies, the provincial executive initiated the draft edict reforming the procedures relating to the collection of taxes, duties, taxes and royalties due to the city of Kinshasa, specifying that this draft edict « N°005/2021 » was adopted by the Provincial Assembly of Kinshasa (APK), promulgated on December 31, 2021 and published in the official journal on January 14, 2022 for its opposability to subject persons.

The governor of the city also invited the (DGRK) to rely on these reforms, in order to achieve the budgetary allocations set by the APK. Mr. Ngobila also reviewed certain works with social impact for the benefit of the population of Kinshasa, carried out thanks to financial resources from taxes and duties collected by the urban executive, in particular the construction and rehabilitation works of several avenues, among others Elengesa in Makala, Kikwit in Ngaba, De la paix in Kisenso, Makanza in Ngiri-Ngiri, Kwamouth in Kintambo, Mombele in Limete and others.

He also alluded to the work to develop green spaces in Limete, to rehabilitate public lighting on the major arteries of the capital, support for Kinshasa’s health structures, as well as the long-term sanitation of municipalities by the Kinshasa bopeto teams. To this end, the governor announced the extension of the deadline for declaration to March 31 and the reduction of property tax rates following the grievances of taxable persons, inviting them to support the city of Kinshasa in implementation of reforms introduced in the new edict.

A campaign to popularize the digital lease contract, according to the DGRK

For his part, the director of the General Directorate of Revenue of Kinshasa, Félicien Nkuluta indicated that the present campaign will also make it possible to popularize the new digital lease contract between owners and tenants, in order to facilitate the registration of lease contracts.

« From now on, taxable persons will no longer need to travel to pay their property tax, because everything will be done online », noted Mr. NKuluta, before noting some advantages of this method of payment, among other things, it allows you to ensure the traceability of receipts collected, to create new taxable persons and to avoid the leaking of receipts. He paid special tribute to the President of the Republic Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo for his impetus aimed at improving the tax base of the country in general and the city of Kinshasa in particular, before thanking the governor of the city for his support and availability to personally preside over this ceremony. ACP/