Haut-Uélé: the Bolebole PK5 toll booth now operational


Isiro, March 21st, 2022 (CPA) – The governor of the province of Haut-Uélé, Christophe Baseane Nangaa has just ordered the commissioning of the toll booth at Pk5 de Bolebole, in the Mambati sector in Wamba territory, on the Isiro-Mambati section, Tuesday, March 16, the head of the provincial executive of Haut-Uélé, made an inspection visit of the place, accompanied by his provincial Minister of Finance, Ismaël Ebunze Mangadi. On site, he supervised the development work on the site, which will house most of the necessary infrastructure.

Asked by the press, the provincial Minister of Finance said that the development of this checkpoint located more than 120 (one hundred and twenty) km from that of Nava, on the Rn 25 in the outskirts of Isiro, has done in accordance with the regulations which set the minimum of 100 (one hundred) km for a toll station. Ismaël Ebunze also reassured that everything will happen according to the rules of the art to avoid hassles.

Ismaël Ebunze recalled that during his Mambati speech, Governor Baseane had urged his fellow citizens to seriously take ownership of this initiative, by contributing through the payment of various taxes and levies due to the State, in order to have the means to develop the province. « It is since the 1970s that this part of Haut-Uélé had been disconnected from the world because of the isolation and without any basic infrastructure, it was with the advent of the governor, Christophe Baseane Nangaa in 2019 that two sacrificed generations have just seen, for the first time, a vehicle in their region”, indicated the provincial Minister of Finance.

As a reminder, the governor of Haut-Uélé Christophe Baseane Nangaa had mentioned the commissioning of the Pk5 Bolebole toll booth in Mambati, on March 6, in front of his colleagues from the provinces of Bas-Uélé, Ituri and the Tshopo. ACP/