The Minister in charge of PT-NTIC signs a program contract and the specifications of SCPT


Kinshasa, March 22nd, 2022 (CPA).– The Minister in charge of Posts, Telecommunications and New Information and Communication Technologies (PT-NTIC), Augustin Kibassa Maliba, signed on Saturday in Kinshasa a program contract and the specifications of the Congolese Society of Posts and Telecommunications (SCPT), in the presence of its General Director Didier Musete, the Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Congo (ARPTC), the General Secretary of PT-NTIC, as well as the agents and executives of SCPT, CPA learned on Monday from the cabinet of the said ministry.

This program contract and the specifications signed by Minister Kibassa, assign this public operator the mission of supporting the government of DRC in its program to improve collective well-being as advocated by the President of the Republic, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo. He said that through the signing of these documents, the government provides the Congolese Post with the necessary tools to enable it to fully play the role that the State expects of it.

“This contract relates to the application of article 9 paragraph 1 of law n°012/2002 on the post office concerning the supply of the universal postal service. This law n°012 of October 16th on the Post concerning the supply of the universal postal service, exists since 2002. It had to enter into force”, specified Mr. Kibassa. The signing of this program contract and the specifications, he added, is a way for the government through the Ministry in charge of PT-NTIC to complete the legal arsenal in order to allow the Post Office to operate in complete serenity. Minister Kibassa suggested that this legal act is part of the consolidation of the development of the post, which currently constitutes the main tool for integration and national inclusion.

The post office, a growth sector

The authority of the post sector of DRC has, moreover, made it known that throughout the world, the post office is a growth and development sector, arguing that DRC is called upon to do the same for the Congolese post. To this end, he noted that according to the Minister in charge of PT-NTIC, the government is counting on the effective development of the Post Office for the revival of the Congolese economy.

To achieve this, said Minister Kibassa, the government has just provided SCPT with powerful tools and capable texts such as the program contract and the specifications for it to move forward and develop. He, however, stressed that the government has a duty to provide this public service with the necessary tools for its development, but it also enjoys the right to look and control what it does on a daily basis.

The general director of SCPT, Didier Musete, undertook to work according to the tasks and mission conferred on him by the signing of this program contract, before welcoming the personal involvement of the minister in the outcome of this contract.ACP/