DRC-Morocco: The two coaches in pre-match press conferences on Thursday at different times and places


Kinshasa, March 23th, 2022 (CPA) – The coaches of DR Congo and Morocco will be at a pre-match press conference on Thursday at different times and places, in anticipation of the first leg of the play-offs in the African zone, of the Football World Cup, Qatar 2022.

According to the program made public by the media officer of the Congolese Federation of Football Association (FECOFA), Jerry Kalemo, the coach of the Leopards, Raul Hector Cuper, will engage in this exercise at 11 at the headquarters of this sports entity, in Gombe municipality, in Kinshasa.

For his Atlas Lions counterpart, the press interview will take place at 3:30 p.m. at the Martyrs of Pentecost stadium where the Moroccans will carry out their official training session 30 minutes later.

The Congolese national eleven will be there in turn for the same exercise at 6:00 p.m. The two pre-match press conferences and the two training sessions will be subject to the compulsory wearing of masks.

USD10 for a Friday ticket at the Pentecost Martyrs Stadium

The Congolese Federation of Football Association (FECOFA) has given details of 25,000 places available for the first leg of the play-offs between the Leopards of DR Congo and the Atlas Lions of Morocco.

According to a statement from the governing body of Congolese football received by CPA on Sunday, the Martyrs of Pentecost stadium will open its doors to welcome 25,000 spectators whose seats are authorized by the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA). ). The 25 places available are distributed taking into account the work of the security committee of the organizing committee of DR Congo – Morocco match: 5,000 places are reserved for guests from the government and various ministries and the Congolese Football Federation. These guests, according to the explanations of Polydore Bongubu, member of the management committee of the stadium, who confided in CPA, will occupy the stand of honor. The other 20,000 places will be sold at the price of 20,000 FC per ticket, the equivalent of USD10. Holders of these access tickets will sit in the side stands on either side of the grandstand.

These new provisions repeal the first ones recently made public by FECOFA