Hydrocarbons: Didier Budimbu discusses with oil operators


Kinshasa, April 4th, 2022 (CPA)  – The Minister of Hydrocarbons, Didier Budimbu, discussed last Saturday with oil operators on the framework measures to be taken to compensate for a possible increase in the price of fuel at the pump following the impact of the Russo-Ukrainian crisis on the world economy, learned the CPA from the Ministry of Hydrocarbons.

At the heart of their discussions, said the same source, they reflected on the possible impact of this crisis on the price of fuel at the pump. “Does the Congolese State have to compensate by paying the shortfall to the oil companies, or will it now be necessary to sell the fuel at the real market price, i.e. 3,500 Francs per litre.

Anxious to ensure the supply of Kinshasa and its surroundings with petroleum products at affordable prices, Didier Budimbu urged his interlocutors to refer to the government to regularly compensate for the shortfall as a palliative solution in order to maintain the current price of diesel to CDF 2,085 and CDF 2,095 for gasoline and to avoid increasing the prices of current consumer goods.

These operators, visibly satisfied at the end of the exchanges with the minister, reassured to work in the same vision for the good of all. It is obvious for purely social reasons that the government supports the 1,500 francs by asking operators to maintain the current rate. In France, for example, it is reported, a liter of gasoline is sold at 2.10 USD, while in the DRC it costs 1USD. ACP/