The rights and duties of women in the workplace at the center of a day of reflection at UNIKIN


Kinshasa, April 4th, 2022 (CPA).- The assistants of the University Clinics of Kinshasa (CUK), organized, on Friday, at the Monekosso audience at the University of Kinshasa (UNIKIN), a day of reflection under the theme: «The rights and duties of women in the workplace”.

Several speakers intervened on this occasion, in particular the national deputy Généviev Inangosi who presented the difficulties that women encounter in the professional environment, adding that the international day of March 8 dedicated to women should be celebrated in a reflection at all levels.

She particularly made married and unmarried women aware of the culture of dialogue with their partners and of remaining committed to their duties as wives. For his part, Mr. Aimé Kilolo, lawyer at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, worked on articles 12 and 14 of the Constitution of the DRC, which advocate equality between men and women, as well as women’s rights, by inviting women to learn about laws to better claim their rights and to carry out advocacy.

The medical geneticist at the (CUK), Gerrye Mubungu, also spoke of the challenges and strengths of women in the scientific community, namely: pressure from society, working conditions, the ability to communicate and innovate, as well as than natural selection. This day of reflection was closed by the testimony of the professional life of doctor Aimé Mubuala and the performance of slammers Lolynda chapel and Jean-Benoît Bokoli ACP/