The Minister in charge of Hydrocarbons reassures the population of the availability of a sufficient stock of fuel


Kinshasa, April 5th, 2022 (CPA).– The Minister in charge of Hydrocarbons, Didier Budimbu, reassured the Congolese population in general and Kinshasa in particular of the availability of a large stock of fuel to cover the needs of transporters for a long period.

The Minister expressed himself thus during the discussions he had on Monday with the heads of fuel importing companies, in particular SEP/Congo, SONAHYDROC, COBIL, TOTAL, ENGEN and other commercial companies operating in the fuel sector oil. “There are no fears, Kinshasa city will not experience a break in the supply of petroleum products. We must not give in to rumors because the government has taken the decision to compensate for the loss of earnings of the oil companies to allow them to continue importing these products”, said Minister Didier Budimbu.

He pointed out that the price of fuel has not seen an increase at the pump contrary to those who were whispering last weekend. All in all, the government and the oil companies are working together to find a solution to stem a probable increase in the price of fuel worldwide.

 The General Director of the Society of Congolese Enterprises (Sep Congo), Joseph Kouame, reaffirmed the Minister’s remarks, indicating that there is no shortage. SEP/Congo has sufficient storage to deliver to the market at any time to serve users.

According to him the stocks in circulation were very low and created a little panic in town pushing customers to rush to the points of sale to stock up. This situation, he argued, has caused stocks to run out at gas stations.

For his part, Mr. Charles Nikobasela, Managing Director of Engen, indicated that all his service stations are well supplied and that efforts are being made to be able to guarantee services and products on the market.

Endless queues at gas stations in Kinshasa

Endless lines of vehicles and other motorized vehicles have been observed since Sunday evening at service stations for a supply of fuel, especially gasoline and diesel.

These endless queues are characterized by a very remarkable influx through Kinshasa city, the cause of which circulated in the talks of the carriers was the imminent increase in the price of the said products at the pump, contrary to the government measure consisting in compensating for the loss of earnings of oil importers on the liter of fuel sold. From the east to the west of Kinshasa city, service stations were stormed by drivers who were looking to help themselves in good quantity before the announcement of the increase in the price of a liter of lubricants.

Faced with this false alarm, some service stations had even suspended sales pending verification on the market of the wholesalers who supply them daily. This situation, which risked paralyzing socio-economic activities, was narrowly avoided thanks to the dissemination of real information by the official press organs, including the Congolese Press Agency (ACP) and the National Radio and Television (RTNC).

The minister in charge of this sector, Didier Budimbu, had, moreover, had an exchange on Saturday April 2nd with the oil operators on the framework measures to be taken to compensate for a possible increase in the price of fuel and the resolution of which the compassion by the government of the shortfall on the sale of a liter of fuel maintained at FC 2,085 for diesel and FC 2,095 for gasoline against the actual price which is about FC 3,500.

The Congolese government takes, for this purpose, the charge FC 1,500 for purely social purposes.ACP/