A journalist reported missing in the Ruwenzori Sector in Beni


Beni/Ruwenzori, April 15th, 2022 (CPA).- The journalist Samuel Muhindo Sirasi, of the Radio the « Voice of the Official University of Semuliki (VUOS) and assistant at this same university, in Beni in the province of North Kivu, has been missing for four days, learned Friday the CPA, family sources.

The president of the civil society/core of the Sector of Ruwenzori, Ricardo Rupande, who is worried about this disappearance, confirms the news, indicating that the clothes of this professional of the press found in Ngomba Moya, on the bank of the Butau river in this area, prove that the latter was taken hostage by kidnappers.

Civil society seeks the involvement of local military authorities and the entire population to carry out investigations so that the journalist can be found in order to find this journalist. The same journalist was recently kidnapped in Goma by strangers, before being found in the compound of one of the local churches thanks to the combined efforts of the provincial authorities, his family recalled.